A Charleston Love Story Spin-Off: Trell & Tae

Queens Of LIT Presents #ad - What happens when they move far away from home to experience new things? Will the sisters be able to handle the curves life will throw at any given time or will they knock it out the park?Find out what happens in this explosive Standalone about love, trust, sisterhood and loyalty. Life is good and moves have been made but what happens when a unexpected storm comes to settle over the Oasis that is Trell and Tae? Will their relationship be strong enough to withstand the winds that have come to blow apart a union that seems very much ordained by God? Trell's love for Tae is never dying and as strong as an ox.

Back by popular demand, Trell and Tae are back to give the readers what they want. Both of them handled that life very differently. Who will be left standing at the end? This is the Trell and Tae you love, with a twist. Being native american and having been born in raised on a Reservation, they have lived a sheltered life.

A Charleston Love Story Spin-Off: Trell & Tae #ad - One allowing it to push her to be a social butterfly while the other closed herself in herself. Will that love be enough for Tae?Claire and Rai Summers are two exotic girls from Fork, Washington.


Khiaere & Phy 2: A Charleston Love Story

#ad - Will they all be strong enough to handle what life has to throw at them or will lines be drawn in the sand. Will their relationship be the love tae needs to heal her broken, abandoned heart? Will a new presence in her life offer something that no one else can, even Trell?Choppa is who you need to see when you need a job done.

Find out in part 2 of this Charleston Love Story. Being down with khiaere and Trell from the sandbox offers an undying loyalty that no one can shake. Khiaere and phy Washington have been through a lot already in their relationship. It’s something to be said about love and how it can alter your thinking of a man.

Gina has been her friend since youth but was it out of love and loyalty or something else? Will her involuntary role cost her more than she ever bargained for or will it introduce a saving grace that could alter life as she knows it? Continue the journey with the crew as they take on the threats of their relationships.

Khiaere & Phy 2: A Charleston Love Story #ad - Trell is still being Trell and with Tae by his side he seems unstoppable. Will their love for each other be able to withstand the test that are being administered against their relationship or will it be too much to handle?Gina is living the life in Miami with no worries in the world or is she. Coming on the scene and making his place known he in not to be played with.

Outside threats turns to inside conflict. Is she going to pay her own penance or will she be brought to her knees by the wrath of those offended.


Justice's Rose

#ad - Will this secret destroy what is or breathe new life in to the lives of those involved?The Washington and Christianson Tribe are back to give you more but with more focus on the Christianson Tribe. Evil lurks just around the corner but will its weeds be too much for Justice to handle or will it give him the strength needed to uproot his rose and place her on fertile ground?Justin Smoke and Chell have been lovers and friends for over a decade.

A life with all the odds against her, she makes it a mission to survive and push through the concrete of resistance that wants to stop her. With a love like no other in justice, will it be enough to shatter the doubts she has? Will his love be enough to save her from the evils that still exist to push her back under the concrete? With a much-perceived losing hand will she still come out with all her books necessary to win in the Spades game of Life.

Justice choppa Christianson is a man about his family. Will the christianson tribe reign victorious over the evil that threaten the family? When you mess with one Christianson, you mess with all Christiansons…Washingtons too?Find out what happens in this Standalone of Justice’s Rose. They been at this thing called denied love for years and something must give.

Justice's Rose #ad - Finding love in Delia was a win above all wins in his life. With a delicate rose to care for is he prepared to put in the work to weed the garden of all harm to his love. Did you ever hear about the rose that grew in a Concrete Garden?Delia Rose is a woman of purpose and power but it was not easy getting to that point.


Khiaere & Phy: A Charleston Love Story

#ad - She’s not looking for love or commitment. This is a move she didn't want to make, but it was necessary. With no room for females because they can’t be trusted, there is an ice box where his heart used to be. Will this reconnection be the answer to her lonely heart, or the cause of a murder charge? Trell Smith is a man about his business.

She steps out on faith and decides to move to Charleston, SC to start her on design firm and be close to her best friend. A late-night run in with an old college friend may be just the motivation she needs to make the decision to actually enjoy her new life in Mount Pleasant, SC. Khiaere washington is a country Savage Dude who just wants four things: Success, A Queen, Babies and Love.

He has the success portion mastered through hard work, education, street smarts and straight hustle. Period. Will someone be able to melt that ice and get the most vital organ pumping to the tunes of love? What does he do when love catches him off guard? Will he fight love like a G or surrender like a man?Tae Laing is the hottest interior designer on this side of the Mason Dixon Line.

After hitting a massive roadblock with his girlfriend, Gina, he is forced to get off the highway to travel a different route. Will that route lead him to a love that's as sweet as Pie? Phy Pronounced Pie Washington who is of no relation to Khiaere has made the decision to move back home to be close to her mom.

Khiaere & Phy: A Charleston Love Story #ad - . With a traumatic past, but is she worthy? what do you do when love comes rudely knocking at your door and you didn’t send for it?Will an unacquainted love bring happiness in the lives of people who are unsure of what love is? Will the block that hinder win the battle, love is all she ever wanted, or will love flow victoriously? Will outside elements threaten what they may build, or will all threats be eliminated? Find out in this Charleston Love Story.


Summers' Howl

Queens Of LIT Presents #ad - Finding out that her family tradition has now extended to her she has to make the adjustment in her life when she returns to Forks, Washington. Will her father’s hiring of an out-of-town security firm be the answer to her reservations or will it be more problematic? Not just on a career level but a romantic level as well.

Just when you thought Claire Summers’ story is over, it has just begun. As the manager of her father alo’s Casino she is placed in a position of power that she never wanted and more importantly is not ready for. Will claire be able to get her life back after her mayor fail in Columbia, South Carolina or will it be same story, different city and state?Mason Lourie is the head over a security firm established by his late father and now run by him and his two brothers Kyle and Kirk Jr.

When he is assigned to be claire’s right hand man, will that be the only assignment he fulfills, or will his family secret and Claire’s family tradition become the Clash of the Beast. Take a ride with claire on her journey to find herself as a woman and a lover in this explosive paranormal romance, Summers’ Howl.

Summers' Howl #ad - The team has been enlisted by alo Summers to run all aspects of Security for his casinos in Forks and Port Angeles, Washington. A family secret that must be protected will prove difficult in this new setting. A part of the contract stipulations is they must move to Washington which is a new world to this family.


His Love Was More Than Enough: Book Two: Kalypso & Bellatrix

Queens Of LIT Presents #ad - With a light so bright, will it be able to cast out the darkness that will soon loom over the heads of Kalypso and his son? Will she be able to share her light to give strength for others to turn on their own or will her light be snuffed out. Find out what happens in this Novella when light meets darkness.

After a tragic lost brings her from Orlando, Florida to Mount Pleasant, South Carolina she allows that light to be cast in the life of KJ. When his life story determines he will be a single father to his autistic son, Kalypso Junior KJ, he makes the decision to be the best father he can be to KJ. Will love be enough to tear down the darkness that threatens to damage all that Kalypso has built for his son or will Bellatrix be the light that changes the direction of this chapter and all to come after it in Kalypso’s life story.

His Love Was More Than Enough: Book Two: Kalypso & Bellatrix #ad - A novella: his love is More Than Enough: Kalypso and Bellatrix. All his moves are to make a comfortable life for KJ and himself. Will he be able to manage the changes that could very well break him or will a beautiful stranger to him but friend to KJ be his saving grace?Bellatrix Bella Anderson has been the light for many people all her life.

When tragedy strikes he is left to pick up the piece of his life and adjust to the changes in his and his son’s life. A father’s love is an amazing thing but is it enough to love what others deemed flawed?For Kalypso Kal Jenkins, life has taken many turns but as his, Mama Jillie says, “It’s all a part of his life Story”.


His Love Is More Than Enough

Queens Of LIT Presents #ad - Through hard work and perseverance, she has accomplished a major goal, being accepted to her college of choice on a full athletic scholarship. A star college athlete with a street edge from Richmond, Virginia, he is what all of the women on NCA&T campus want. What happens when his academic world collides him with a stilled beauty.

Will she be able to move past the hurt of that night to one day love and trust?Adonis Mercer is the epitome of his name with is remarkable looks. He loves me but is it enough?femi Wilson life hasn't been Crystal Stairs but she is still determined to make it to the top. Will she allow him to show her a love that she never knew existed or will other factors deter her from accepting a love that may be enough to heal her blemished heart?Will love prove to be strong enough to bind these two together or will a secret so large be the boulder needed to sever the bond of young love?Find out in this Novella, His Love is More Than Enough.

His Love Is More Than Enough #ad - A night that was supposed to be a celebration turns into one of the most detrimental nights of her life.


Brick 2:: An Urban Paranormal Novel

SOUL Publishing #ad - The warriors who are ordered to protect his kingdom aren’t who they claimed to be. Will her boyfriend, stay by her side while risha lives in a double life? Brick and Nabila, still resides on Earth with their beautiful daughter, prince and princess of Planet Lacas, Odega, Sumi. Will brick and nabila’s relationship survive once secrets are revealed, causing turmoil?Brick 2 is packed with action, friendships, heartbreaks, and romance.

King neoth has reclaimed his throne on Planet Lacas after being frozen for over one-hundred years. Neoth is faced with a terrifying dilemma, there are strangers in his house. Will the new queen be someone close to him? Risha is an average around-the-way-girl who had life all figured out. She finally got the man of her dreams and wants to start a family.

Brick 2:: An Urban Paranormal Novel #ad - In order to defeat the enemy, Nabila must learn her newfound magic in order to protect Brick and many others. His kingdom is foreign to him after being away for decades. But those plans come to a halt when Risha’s past comes back to haunt her, wreaking havoc on her and her loved ones. Brick and nabila lived happily ever after when they reunited again, or so they thought.


His Love Is More Than Enough: Book Three: Harlem & Constance

Queens Of LIT Presents #ad - Will her past be her demise?when these two lives become intertwined in business and love will Harlem’s love be enough to carry Constance past her past. Sammi harlem lacroix is the crown given to her by her father and she would grow up to be the diamond she was intended to be under his watchful eye. Constance za’tashca parker is a woman just trying to make a way for herself in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Landing a prime position as a personal receptionist/caregiver for the owner of Suds Brothers, she is pushed head first into the life of Harlem and Sammi. She’s a diamond in the rough like a baby in the trash”, becomes a literal statement when his discovers an abandoned baby in the trash of his trap house.

His Love Is More Than Enough: Book Three: Harlem & Constance #ad - He’s a street dude but doesn’t do street dude things but the one night he is forced to show his hand is the night that changes his life. Will he be strong enough to love a woman who isn’t perfect and life decisions could have had a tragic end? Find out in this Novella whether the past is meant to hunt or just a subtle reminder that it’s all necessary.

Being the honorable man, he took this as a sign to promise himself to this child and be her father. Being a teacher was definitely her passion, but the pay was her pain causing her to seek other means of income. Her love for teaching and being a servant leader makes this position one more of love than work.

. Harlem samuel laCroix is a self-made man who moves how he pleases.


Untainted Love

Queens Of LIT Presents #ad - From a man of the streets to a successful entrepreneur his goal is to make money and make it last. She came into his life playing hard to get and this was a game he is fully amenable to play and win. A love so pure…how could it ever be tainted?Isaac Solomon Mills has moved through life not thinking about love or the effects it could potentially have on his life.

The win seem in his grasp until a secret threatens to ruin everything he thought to be true. Leading her firm in groundbreaking marketing strategies have placed her as the woman to know. Find out can these two survive the challenges of love and learn how to keep it pure in Untainted Love. Love lasting was not a part of his thought process, well that was until Ava.

Untainted Love #ad - She wanted by everyone, but love. Will they be strong enough to fight the battles of secrets and uncertainty or will taint a love that has yet to even begin. Love is a distant stranger to her and has been since the tragic death of her first love and husband Andre. Will isaac’s love be the one to break through her heart of pain or will the secret she’s keeping barricade her heart from ever experiencing a love like no other?Be the fly on the wall of Isaac and Ava’s Love Story.

Is this a secret he can live with? will it change the way he sees her? Will the secret expose a side of him that he doesn’t expect and/or like? Ava Mae Boyd is the definition of a Boss.


Hell Of A Blessing

Queens Of LIT Presents #ad - We all go through hell but if we can just get through to the other side, there will come a blessing. Blessing monroe is living her life but one would debate, is it her best life. Being a prisoner in her relationship to her child's father is never how she imagined her young life to be. Breathing every breath just to survive, she one day makes a decision that will change her whole life and the lives of everyone around her.

Will it be the right decision to reach her ultimate blessing or will it pull her deeper into the depths of hell?Find out if one major life decision will be hell or a Hell of a Blessing.