A Learn To Read book: The Tennis Match: A Key Stage 1 Phonics children’s tennis adventure book. Assists with reading, writing and numeracy. Links school and home learning. Match Books

It also assists with writing, numeracy, selecting the correct page and learning about tennis. When they win a set they write the set score in. Developed to link school and home learning, 'The Match' series builds children's confidenceand also introduces them to phonics. It is targetedat young tennis fans who know the alphabet but cannot yet translate the combination of letters into words.

The tennis match is a book to help youngchildren read their first words. The book is an adventure where children choose on each page what they want to happen in the tennis match.

My First Tennis Book First Sports

Plus, the cover is appealingly tactile, with deep embossing and eye-catching spot gloss. Kids will grab hold of it again and again. Net. The contemporary design features one word per page, a nice big photo, and a diverse selection of children in the pictures. A child's first introduction to sports Game on! Perfect for parents to share with their toddlers, this simple board book introduces kids to very basic vocabulary associated with a favorite sport.

Tennis comes alive in this fun introduction to the sport. Featuring 20 first words ranging from “forehand” and “rally” to “lob” and “OUT!” this colorful, photographic board book is ACES. Volley. Racket.

Let's Play Tennis! A Guide for Parents and Kids by Andy Ace, 2nd edition

This new edition includes additional tips on nutrition and health. The journey ends with the story of an exciting match with Danny Deuce! Full-color illustrations are included with easy to follow descriptions to help players of all ages get out on the courts and playing tennis quickly. You will learn about tennis etiquette and sportsmanship.

. Andy wrote this book to help his mom and dad, his sister Alley, and her friends Chip and Lucy to get out on the courts and play tennis. In it, you will learn about the game of tennis, including things like: - what equipment you will need - how to make the court smaller for beginners - how to hold the racquet - how to warm up - how to move your feet - how to serve and hit all the strokes He has included his favorite games and drills which parents and kids can do together.

Andy ace takes parents and kids on a fun-filled journey from the sporting goods department to the courts to learn the strokes and some tips for practicing. You also will learn about match play as you follow me through an exciting match with Danny Deuce.

A Magical Racquet Ride: Journey to the Four Grand Slam Tournaments of Tennis

Written by a former tennis professional, Marissa Irvin Gould, has played the sport at the highest level-- winning matches at all four Grand Slam events. Don't be surprised if after reading this book, kids are clamoring for a new racquet, and a chance to get outside and play tennis for themselves. She is also a mother of three young children and an elementary school teacher with a passion for learning.

A fantasy-adventure picture book that both boys and girls will want to read time after time, while they learn about tennis and its truly international appeal. The recipient of a prestigious mom's choice award** With a little world geography and a whole lot of tennis mixed together, kids and parents alike will fall in love with tennis for the first time, or all over again.

Readers of all ages will be delighted by this brightly illustrated, Paris, London, rhyming story of magical tennis racquets escorting twins across the globe to glamorous tennis ports of call--New York, and Melbourne.

Murphy Bear's Tennis Lesson

Every page is colorfully illustrated. Miss angel Hare is the Tennis Pro. Murphy Bear is the main character. Used book in Good Condition. Basic tennis skills and scoring are at the back of the book. Tennis is the sport of a lifetime" and the Author conveys how much fun tennis can be through this wonderful book. It is an entertaining story and educational.

Children all over the world have enjoyed this story. This picture book is the first in the LEARN TENNIS SERIES. Tennis is a multicultural and global sport. It is a fun way for a child or even an adult to learn tennis basics. The story is partially based on the Author's true experienc as a USPTA Tennis Professional and Educator.

It can also be used as a guide for beginners out on a tennis court. The book has been endorsed by the famous Tennis Champion, Chris Evert and the famous Tennis Coach and Author of many tennis books, Vic Braden. It is not expensive to play. The author uses anthropomorphic characters to cross all races. Murphy meets new friends while learning, Gavan Gator and Erin Bear.


Rafa Nadal: What really matters is being happy along the way, not waiting until you reach the finish line

He was four years old andhe spent the whole day kicking a ball around and glued to a tennis racket. Thanks to his unassuming personality, from an early age the great tennis player Rafa Nadal discovered what really matters, and the values that would be the guiding principles for his life. Guided reading level: p, lexile level: 930lcheck out the booktrailer: Don't miss Rafa's comments! Read the first pages: Used book in Good Condition.

Winner at the 2017 international latino book awards“Once upon a time, there was a little boy who lovedtennis and soccer, just like so many other children in every corner of the world. Cuento de luz.

Kids Preferred Little Sport Star On The Go Plush Developmental Tennis Racket, 13.75

Squeaky handle to entertain your baby, and to learn grip. Promotes tactile exploration, auditory and visual development. Used book in Good Condition. Made of super soft and sturdy materials, each toy features amazing textures, colors and sounds that will both stimulate and comfort your little all-star all day long.

Textures, colors and sounds that will both stimulate and comfort your little all-star. Cuento de luz. Little sport star develops your baby's coordination and motor skills with fun and friendly developmental toys. Clip for easy attachment to the crib, carrier, or stroller. Machine Washable.

Federer: The Children's Book. Fun Illustrations. Inspirational and Motivational Life Story of Roger Federer- One of the Best Tennis Players in History. Sports Book for Kids

Perfect inspirational gift for a sporty kid Beautiful graphic for hours of entertainment. Squeaky handle to entertain your baby, and to learn grip. Clip for easy attachment to the crib, carrier, or stroller. Textures, colors and sounds that will both stimulate and comfort your little all-star. Used book in Good Condition.

Promotes tactile exploration, auditory and visual development. Cuento de luz. Get this book now and enjoy the rise to stardom of Roger Federer. Attention tennis fans: great story for kids to learn and be Inspired by Roger Federer Fully illustrated children's book of the story of one of the best tennis players Roger Federer who overcame all the challenges and became one of the tennis players in history.

Perfect gift for any tennis fan. The great story of a young boys who follows his dream, works hard and never gives up to finally become one of the greatest tennis players in history Learn the life of Roger Federer, and be inspired to be like him one day. Machine Washable.