Art Journey – Abstract Painting: A Celebration of Contemporary Art

Each painting is accompanied by an insightful critique from the artist. You may discover oil painting tips, details about creative process, artistic inspiration, watercolor techniques, and revelations on why abstraction is an important art form. Pieces have been hand-selected from the Pastel Journal's Pastel 100 competitions and The Artist's Magazine's annual competitions, hard-bound to provide years of beauty and enjoyment.

This book is a stunning volume of more than 100 award-winning abstract works showcasing the colorful and expressive nature of contemporary abstract art. You have to let your heart and emotion lead you to where you want to go. Denise athanas, page 11 "for me abstract art can teach us about the beauty that lies deep within all our experience, often unseen until we change our perspective, remove our usual filters and allow our hearts and minds to open to the wonders of life.

Patricia bevan, page 15 North light. Abstract artists are limited only by their imagination. An inspired collection of the best of abstract Art! Abstract art is a visual language--a riot of color, a profound explosion of texture and shape, a quiet collision of forms. And through instinct, they translate emotions, composition and an inspired color palette, ideas or experiences into immersive images you want to explore again and again.

. Dynamic works of art can showcase pastel painting, showcase watercolor flowers, or even build off pen and ink drawings.

Abstract Painting: The Elements of Visual Language

As you examine line, and color in detail, depth, pattern, shape, you become more aware of the elements that make up a painting, texture, and better able to observe your own work without judgment and self-criticism. Generously illustrated with over 200 color images, this book will open your eyes to a whole new way of seeing your paintings as they develop, allowing you to be more personally expressive and authentic in your artistic expression.

Abstract painting: the elements of Visual Language examines and articulates a vocabulary of visual elements from which you build images, abstract or otherwise.

Abstracts In Acrylic and Ink: A Playful Painting Workshop

Splatter, scrape, stamp, repeat. In this book, the successful, self-taught artist helps you "dive in with an open mind and fearless heart. Everything inside is geared toward kick-starting your creativity:An exciting series of 22 fun-to-follow, step-by-step projects. A tantalizing variety of approaches and inspirations for applying and manipulating paint, pencils, ink, crayons, paper, photos and more.

Quick and loose exercises for building a library of ideas, color palettes, patterns and designs to use in future paintings. Loads of practical advice, including how to stock your studio without going broke, the five must-haves mediums, and how to finish and protect your artwork. For beginners eager to get to the "good stuff" and for artists looking to expand their repertoire, it just doesn't get any better.

Every action-packed page will have you trying something new and pushing your boundaries! make marbled acrylic skins * Add a stain * Discover instant gratification with Yupo paper * Achieve the wonderfully aged look of image transfers * Play with graffiti-style art * Experiment with gel mediums * Incorporate non-commercial add-ins like eggshells and netting * Create incredible abstract landscapes and cityscapes * And so much more! North Light Books.

A quick-start guide to beautifully layered and textured abstracts! While there are many approaches to painting abstract art, Jodi Ohl's philosophy is to simply start.

Contemporary Landscapes in Mixed Media

North Light Books. The book is divided into the four seasons, patterns, shapes, and the particular colors, and textures associated with each one; it also explores interesting ways of painting flowers and other details of nature. Batsford. French explains how to create lively compositions, depict architectural features within the landscape, and even, in some instances, create a narrative.

. Make your landscape paintings more adventurous with these mixed-media techniques! Popular artist and teacher Soraya French encourages her students to broaden their horizons, pastels, and here she gives painters the tools they need to experiment with exciting combinations of acrylics, and collage. Handy tips, simple projects, and step-by-step demonstrations help artists hone their skills.


Abstract Expressionism Basic Art Series 2.0

About the series:each book in taschen's basic genre series features: a detailed illustrated introduction plus a timeline of the most important political, each of which is presented on a 2-page spread with a full-page image and with an interpretation of the respective work, cultural and social events that took place during that period a selection of the most important works of the epoch, plus a portrait and brief biography of the artist approximately 100 colour illustrations with explanatory captions North Light Books.

It emerged in america in the 1940s, mark rothko, Robert Motherwell, with lead protagonists including Jackson Pollock, Philip Guston,  and Willem de Kooning. Abstract expressionism spawned many different stylistic tendencies but two particularly prominent sub-categories: action painting, exemplified by de Kooning and Pollock, and color field painting, made most famous by Rothko.

Mood marks: the painterly gestures of personal feelings   Hailed as the first American-born art movement to have a worldwide influence,  Abstract Expressionism denotes the non-representational use of paint as a means of personal expression. The movement favored large-scale canvases, and embraced the role of accident or chance.

With featured works from 20 key abstract expressionist artists, this book introduces the movement which shifted the center of art gravity from Paris to New York and remains for many the golden moment of American art. Throughout, abstract expressionists strove to convey emotions and ideas through the making of marks, shades, textures, through forms, and the particular quality of brushstrokes.

Abstract Expressionism.

Abstract Art Painting: Expressions in Mixed Media

Would you love to take your art in a new direction?In Abstract Art Painting, you will enter a realm of tactile, intuitive excitement, combining pastel and acrylic to achieve results as unique as you are. Batsford. You'll learn how to explore the use of color theory in abstraction and to use underpainting to bring structure and depth to your art.

. In addition you'll begin to understand how to work in a series and how this can help you develop your own personal style. A sampling of what you'll add to your creative toolbox:pastel and acrylic techniques to use to complete your own paintingsThe benefits of expressing your ideas abstractlyHow to loosen up by using your nondominant hand and drawing to musicWays to express emotions through mark-makingUsing color and symbolism for expressionWorking with photos for inspirationTips for using color studies Step into your own abstract frame of mind today! North Light Books.

Abstract Expressionism.

Create Perfect Paintings: An Artist's Guide to Visual Thinking

Learn to challenge the process and break habits to free your spirit and inspire variety in your art; also covers materials, systematic and fun way to analyze, tools and surfacesSection 3: Critique Phase--Introduces a groundbreaking method of contemporary critique called The Viewing Game a comprehensive, edit and enhance your paintings.

Sections 4 and 5--bonus sections explore how to resolve creative blocks, convey artistic messages, boost your personal style, display your work and turn painting into a career. May this book increase your productivity, add nuance to your personal style, and most importantly, clarify your ideas, add ease and flow to your creative process, add joy to the miraculous act of painting.

Nancy reyner North Light Books. What you'll find inside:Section 1: Essentials--Reviews and defines artistic terms and concepts. Section 2: play phase--Shows you how to tap into your right brain. Exercises and examples illustrate how to critique your own creations and then evaluate them step by step for further improvement.

Abstract Expressionism. The ultimate resource and reference guide for artists! discover an innovative self-critique method that will empower you to answer the artist's most common questions, Now What? and Is it Finished? as you learn to identify and overcome painting issues faced by artists regardless of medium or style.

With hundreds of insights, tips, illustrated techniques and ideas, Create Perfect Paintings shows you how to push your work to the next level by strengthening your perception, technical skills and visual thinking.

Abstract Nature: Painting the natural world with acrylics, watercolour and mixed media

North light. Austrian artist waltraud Nawratil shows you how to combine a love for nature with a passion for expressive painting. There is a wealth of stunning abstract pieces by Waltraud which will provide inspiration for more experience painters as well as the beginner. The book covers the variations through all seasons, teaching the reader to see the natural world with creativity and a fresh new perspective.

North Light Books. Batsford. Abstract Expressionism. It is divided into helpful sections to teach the reader how to use acrylics, watercolours or airbrushing, as well as natural materials such as sand, bark and leaves, to create captivating pictures full of colour and vitality. Search Press UK.

Pastel Innovations: 60+ Creative Techniques and Exercises for Painting with Pastels

North light. Pastel painting techniques that are revolutionary, for experienced artists who may feel uninspired, the skills you will gain with Pastel Innovations, and for anyone in between, Fun and Easy! Designed for beginners considering using pastel for the first time, will help you build confidence and open your world so you can paint what CAN BE, not just what you THINK is.

Batsford. Search Press UK. Explore the unique joys of pastel painting with:An exploration of the basics: You'll expand your artist's vocabulary learning to use the elements and fundamentals of design to create beautiful, balanced paintings. 20 simple exercises build off each other and help you grow as an artist, little by little, building confidence.

40+ innovative pastel painting techniques: feel inspired as you learn new approaches to using pastel to build up and reveal layers, create texture that cannot be duplicated by drawing or painting, incorporate monotypes as underpaintings, and more. Thoughtful self critique: questions, approaches and checklists that will result in better art, while at the same time making you a better artist.

Leave your expectations behind and engage in the process of pastel painting with a newfound freedom to play and explore! North Light Books. Abstract Expressionism.

Clear Seeing Place: Studio Visits

North light. North Light Books. Brimming with the joy of process and a love of art history, people, Brian Rutenberg reveals the places, and experiences that led to the paintings for which he is well known today. Search Press UK. From the salt marshes and moss-draped live oaks of the South Carolina Lowcountry to the New York art world, Clear Seeing Place takes the reader behind the studio door to explore the making of a painter in intimate detail.

Batsford. This book is packed with ideas, techniques, and career advice all thoughtfully arranged into six sections designed to inspire artists of all levels, observations, as well as anyone interested in creativity. Clear seeing place is a companion to the artist’s popular YouTube series, “Brian Rutenberg Studio Visits, ” and is a love letter to painting written by a painter.

Abstract Expressionism.

Abstract Explorations in Acrylic Painting: Fun, Creative and Innovative Techniques

Heavily illustrated and filled with exciting ideas you won't find anywhere else, Abstract Explorations in Acrylic Painting will inspire you to paint, experiment, play. And come away with some of your best work yet! North Light Books. 10 like a diving board for creativity, Abstract Explorations in Acrylic Painting will help you plunge joyfully into artmaking.

At the heart of the book, 8 start-to-finish painting projects put it all together. Achieve wonderfully original patterns using resist pens, mouth atomizers and India ink. With the belief that an attitude of playfulness is key to artistic growth, award-winning acrylic artist Jo Toye leads you on an engaging workshop-style adventure filled with innovative techniques, inventive approaches and breakthrough results.

Work Small. Discover fresh takes on stenciling, sponging, making and working with gesso. North Light Books. Start by discovering how working on a small canvas yields big payoffs. Search Press UK. Abstract Expressionism. Experiment with clear Tar Gel, pour paint with pipettes, work over top a "failed" painting.