Can We Still Believe in the Rapture?

Christian Fiction. Or biblical fact? today, the hope that all believers on earth will be "caught up" to heaven is being challenged in new waves of criticism. Discover the answers to such questions as. What is the rapture—and is there any historical precedent for it?why do some believers object to the idea of a rapture?Does the timing of the rapture really make a difference? As you explore what Scripture says about the end times, you'll get a grander glimpse of your glorious future and the deepest hope of every follower of Jesus.

Is the rapture really taught in the bible? can we really expect jesus to gather up His followers before the Antichrist is revealed? In this well-reasoned and thorough defense, context, prophecy authors Mark Hitchcock and Ed Hindson examine the concept, and consequences of the important and long-expected event known as the rapture.


Introducing Christian Doctrine

This book is an abridged, less technical version of Erickson's classic Christian Theology. Baker Academic. Leading evangelical scholar millard Erickson offers a new edition of his bestselling doctrine text over 100, 000 copies sold, now thoroughly revised throughout. This book is supplemented with helpful web materials for students and professors through Baker Academic's Textbook eSources.

Pastors and students alike will find this survey of Christian theology and doctrine to be biblical, moderate, contemporary, and fair to various positions. It is a practical and accessible resource that applies doctrine to Christian life and ministry.

The Coming Apostasy: Exposing the Sabotage of Christianity from Within

In addition to violence, and epidemics, pestilence, the Bible predicts a great “falling away” from God in the end times. The bible warns us that the last days will be tumultuous―wars and rumors of wars will spread Matthew 24:6. Bible teachers call that “the great apostasy. Are we seeing evidence today in the church of this massive rejection of sound and wholesome teaching? Bestselling authors Mark Hitchcock and Jeff Kinley team up to examine the evidence from the teachers of our time.

Tyndale house. They will reject the truth and chase after myths. 2 timothy 4:3-4Jesus Christ is coming back. Are we on the verge of a great apostasy in the church?“For a time is coming when people will no longer listen to sound and wholesome teaching. They will follow their own desires and will look for teachers who will tell them whatever their itching ears want to hear.

. Baker Academic. The great apostasy is coming, but is it closer than we imagine? What does that mean for the future? Let Mark and Jeff be your steady guides to the difficult days ahead. It is certainly a Christian’s greatest hope during these difficult times. Are today’s teachers allowing people to follow their own desires by telling them what they want to hear, as the Bible clearly predicts? Are major portions of the church ready to abandon sound and wholesome teaching?Together, Mark and Jeff explore alarming trends among today’s church leaders and they are simply stunned by what they discover.

Deceivers: Exposing Evil Seducers & Their Last Days Deception

Indoctrination disguised as education. The religion of climate change enshrined. We live in a world where deception is rampant and true agendas are rarely revealed. Tyndale house. Fake news. Baker Academic. Discover false prophets hiding behind the thin veneer of religious half-truths Unveil the globalist agenda behind diplomatic, judicial, and political hypocrisy Go behind misleading headlines and entertainment illusions to discern the truth.

A collection of 12 leading experts. Witchcraft and the occult made mainstream. Jesus foretold of this time as he answered his disciples’ question: What will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age? Bible prophecy experts present analysis of today’s issues and events in Deceivers, revealing that Christ’s prophecy is literally unfolding before us today.


The Last Hour: An Israeli Insider Looks at the End Times

Avoiding sensationalism and date-speculating, respected Bible teacher Amir Tsarfati uses his unique perspective as an Israeli Christian to lead you through a fascinating modern-day description of God's plan for the end of the world. Grounded from start to finish in scripture, the book reveals how the Rapture, the imminent rise of the Antichrist, and the tragic horrors of the Great Tribulation will play out in our world today.

Tyndale house. He also helps you understand the roles--and fates--of russia, the United States of America, Turkey, the European Union, and Israel in the end times, Iran, Syria, showing just how biblical prophecies are being fulfilled in our time. But above all, he offers hope that in the midst of chaos and horror, God is ultimately in control, and those who belong to him will be safe with him.

. Baker Academic.

Discerners: Analyzing Converging Prophetic Signs for the End of Days

Larry spargimino, ryan pitterson, don mcgee, tom hughes, gary stearman, daymond Duck, Jeff Kinley, Grant Phillips, Tim Cameron, Pete Garcia, Jan Markell, Bill Salus, Nathan Jones, Phillip Goodman, Jim Fletcher, and Dr. Authors include Terry James, Todd Strandberg, Dr. So, it’s up to believers to step up and shoulder the responsibility of being "watchmen on the wall" during these confusing and troubling times.

Discerners: analyzing Converging Prophetic Signs for the End of Days does just that. In this book, teachers, eighteen authors - including noted broadcasters, and Bible scholars - tackle issues that are critical for this generation of believers to understand. Tyndale house. Their hearts and minds simply can’t be returned to Him.

Mark 13:37 Baker Academic. Each contributor examines, under the microscope of Scripture, a specific topic, from anti-God movements within religion and culture to satanic geopolitical rearrangements. This, we believe, will help make understandable the madness taking place in this generation. Discerners helps shine heaven’s light on these strange but exciting times so near when Jesus will step out on the clouds of glory and call all who are born again to Himself 1 Thessalonians 4:16–17.

What i say unto you, I say unto all, Watch. Soon after that point, His judgment begins.

15 Future Events That Will Shake the World

Tyndale house. Baker Academic. What can people on earth expect during the last days? In all the chaos that the Bible predicts, several events stand out as truly extraordinary―so much so that they arouse many questions from both Christians and non-Christians. What are these events, what they mean to us, and what makes them so significant? longtime bible prophecy expert ed hindson surveys each one in detail and explains the impact they will have:millions missing in the raptureworld power shifts after the rapture, including in the USAthe rise of a global dictatorGod's two witnesses rising from the dead in full view of the worldthe rebuilt Jewish temple usurped by Antichristthe Holocaust eclipsedChrist's glorious return to earth as conqueror and kingA riveting overview of events that truly will shake the world―how they will unfold, and God's purposes for bringing them about.

Used book in Good Condition.

Heavenly Rewards: Living with Eternity in Sight

Used book in Good Condition. In heavenly rewards you will uncover fascinating truths about how the life you live today determines your life in eternity. God knows the smallest details of your days, and He wants to acknowledge your every act you’ve done for Him. Salvation cannot be earned—it’s already yours.

You will…learn tangible ways you can please the lord in your everyday livingdiscover that your labor and sacrifices are never in vain—God is a faithful rewardersee the benefits of living faithfully and enduring through even the most difficult timesYes, your faithfulness will be rewarded. If you’re a christian, the good news is God’s judgment isn’t about determining your salvation—it’s about rewarding your faithfulness.

Are you living in light of Eternity?   It’s difficult to imagine eternal life. But when you’ve got only one life and you know there is coming a day when you will stand before God, it’s important to consider whether you’re living each day like your life depends on it. Baker Academic. Tyndale house. Living well with an eternal perspective really can change your life—for good.


The Rapture: Fact or Fiction?

Used book in Good Condition. This book answers the most frequently asked questions about the rapture: where can the rapture be found in the Bible? What is the meaning of the Rapture? When is the Rapture most likely to take place? Who will be included in the Rapture? Are there signs that will signal the Rapture? Does the Rapture have relevance to our lives now? The answers to these and other questions are provided in langue that is down-to-earth and easy-to-understand.

Baker Academic. The book also provides responses to all the major objections that have been made to the concept of the Rapture. Tyndale house.

Russia Rising: Tracking the Bear in Bible Prophecy

Georgia was first. Used book in Good Condition. He will explain the biblical prophecies related to Russia, the Middle East, and the end times. The tracks of the Russian bear lead to the Middle East and Israel. Like it or not, the world has descended into a new Putin-led Cold War 2. 0 For the fourth straight year, forbes has ranked Vladimir Putin as the world’s most powerful person―even above the president of the United States.

The news headlines proclaim it. Putin is poised right now on Israel’s northern border―an ominous sign of our times. What does the bible say about our troubling times?In Russia Rising, Mark Hitchcock, popular speaker and Bible prophecy expert, explores the history of Russia and its current military moves.

Then, ukraine and the invasion of Crimea. Tyndale house. Russia, again, is on the move. Are we on a collision course with Russia? Baker Academic. Meddling in the elections of the United States followed. As the storm clouds gather, America sleeps. Russian’s hand in syria and its closer ties to Iran are especially alarming to those who know Bible prophecy and the book of Ezekiel.

The End: A Complete Overview of Bible Prophecy and the End of Days

Used book in Good Condition. It will provide a solid biblical foundation for Christians to explore the essential truths around this topic―the end of the world. The end times have seen a great amount of interest within the last two decades, but there hasn’t been a comprehensive overview of biblical prophecy and eschatology for more than five decades.

Mark hitchcock’s book is that comprehensive resource for the twenty-first century The End will do for eschatology what Randy Alcorn’s Heaven did for people’s understanding of heaven. Baker Academic. Tyndale house. Tyndale House Publishers.