Churchill Plays: 1: Owners; Traps; Vinegar Tom; Light Shining in Buckinghamshire; Cloud Nine Contemporary Dramatists Vol 1

Methuen Drama - Deftly, it sketches in the kind of social conditions. That led to hunger for revolution. The play has an austere eloquence that precisely matches its subject. The guardian cloud nine sheds light on some of the British Empire's repressed dark side and is "a marvelous play - sometimes scurrilous, surprisingly, and ultimately, always observed with wicked accuracy, rather moving.

It plunges straight to the heart of the endless convolutions of sexual mores. And does so with acrobatic wit. Guardian owners:"i was in an old woman's flat when a young man offering her money to move came round, that was one of the starting points of the play" Caryl Churchill. The plays in this volume represent the best of Churchill's writing up to and including her emergence onto the international theatre scene with Cloud Nine.

Churchill Plays: 1: Owners; Traps; Vinegar Tom; Light Shining in Buckinghamshire; Cloud Nine Contemporary Dramatists Vol 1 - In traps, but it speaks, a set of characters meet themselves and their pasts to create "plenty of sinewy lines and joyous juxtapostions" Plays and Players; Vinegar Tom "is set in the world of seventeenth-century witchcraft, through its striking images and its plethora of ironic contradictions, of and to this century.

. Tribune; light shining in buckinghamshire is set during the Civil War and "unflinchingly shows the intolerance that was the obverse side of the demand for common justice. Methuen Publishing.

Churchill Plays 2: Softcops; Top Girls; Fen; Serious Money Contemporary Dramatists Vol 2

Methuen Drama - Softcops renders the philosophy of foucault as a music-hall turn and victorian freakshow "theatre and history combine to give such intelligent fun" TLS; Top Girls brings five great and less-than-great women from history together for a dinner party and "has a combination of directness and complexity which keeps you both emotionally and intellectually alert" Sunday Times; Fen scrutinises the lives of the low-paid women potato pickers of the fens in Eastern England and "the playwright pins down her poetic subject matter in dialogue of impressive vigour and economy" Financial Times while Serious Money is a satirical study of the effects of the Big Bang - "Pure genius.

. The first play about the city to capture the authentic atmosphere of the place. Daily Telegraph.

Plays: 3

Nick Hern Books - Used book in Good Condition. Includes:ice cream, mad forest, the shriker, Lives of the Great Poisoners and A Mouthful of Birds, as well as an introduction by the author.

Churchill: Plays Four

Nick Hern Books - Published to mark caryl churchill’s seventieth birthday, bliss, a number, Drunk Enough to Say I Love You?, this volume includes: Cloud Nine, Blue Heart, Hotel, This is a Chair, Far Away, and A Dream Play. Used book in Good Condition. Nick Hern Books.

Lolly Willowes : Or the Loving Huntsman New York Review Books Classics

NYRB Classics - The book i’ll be pressing into people’s hands forever is “Lolly Willowes, ” the 1926 novel by Sylvia Townsend Warner. Nick Hern Books. Used book in Good Condition. It tells the story of a woman who rejects the life that society has fixed for her in favor of freedom and the most unexpected of alliances.

Used book in Good Condition. It completely blindsided me: Starting as a straightforward, it tips suddenly into extraordinary, albeit beautifully written family saga, lucid wildness. Helen macdonald in the new York Times Book Review's “By the Book. In lolly willowes, sylvia townsend warner tells of an aging spinster's struggle to break way from her controlling family—a classic story that she treats with cool feminist intelligence, while adding a dimension of the supernatural and strange.

Lolly Willowes : Or the Loving Huntsman New York Review Books Classics - Warner is one of the outstanding and indispensable mavericks of twentieth-century literature, a writer to set beside Djuna Barnes and Jane Bowles, with a subversive genius that anticipates the fantastic flights of such contemporaries as Angela Carter and Jeanette Winterson.

White is for Witching

Riverhead Books - Used book in Good Condition. When she brings a friend home, dover’s hostility toward outsiders physically manifests within the four walls of the Silver house, and the lives of everyone inside are irrevocably changed. At once an unforgettable mystery and a meditation on race, terrifying, White is for Witching is a boldly original, and family legacies, nationality, and elegant novel by a prodigious talent.

She begins hearing voices. An eating disorder starves her. Winner of the somerset maugham award one of granta’s best young british novelists From the acclaimed author of What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours and Gingerbread  There’s something strange about the Silver family house in the closed-off town of Dover, England.

White is for Witching - Grand and cavernous with hidden passages and buried secrets, lily, Jennifer, it’s been home to four generations of Silver women—Anna, who has lived in the house with her twin brother, and now Miranda, Eliot, ever since their father converted it to a bed-and-breakfast. Used book in Good Condition. Nick Hern Books.

The silver women have always had a strong connection, Miranda’s mother, a pull over one another that reaches across time and space, and when Lily, passes away suddenly while on a trip abroad, Miranda begins suffering strange ailments.

I, Tituba, Black Witch of Salem CARAF Books: Caribbean and African Literature translated from the French

University of Virginia Press - She turns her into what she calls "a sort of female hero, like the legendary ‘Nanny of the maroons, an epic heroine, ’" who, schooled in the sorcery and magical ritual of obeah, is arrested for healing members of the family that owns her. Caraf books:caribbean and african literature Translated from FrenchThis book has been supported by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, an independent federal agencY.

Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Nick Hern Books. This wild and entertaining novel expands on the true story of the West Indian slave Tituba, arrested in 1692, Massachusetts, who was accused of witchcraft in Salem, and forgotten in jail until the general amnesty for witches two years later.

I, Tituba, Black Witch of Salem CARAF Books: Caribbean and African Literature translated from the French - Used book in Good Condition. Maryse condé brings tituba out of historical silence and creates for her a fictional childhood, adolescence, and old age.


Theatre Communications Group - Used book in Good Condition. The play tells the story of lincoln and Booth, two brothers whose names were given to them as a joke, foretelling a lifetime of sibling rivalry and resentment. Used book in Good Condition. She is currently head of the A. S. K. Used book in Good Condition. Theater projects writing for Performance Program at the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia.

Nick Hern Books. A darkly comic fable of brotherly love and family identity is Suzan-Lori Parks latest riff on the way we are defined by history. Haunted by the past, the brothers are forced to confront the shattering reality of their future. Suzan-lori parks is the author of numerous plays, including In the Blood and Venus.

Topdog/Underdog - Used book in Good Condition.

Here We Go / Escaped Alone: Two Plays

Theatre Communications Group - Escaped alone considers a notably broader demise: the apocalypse. Used book in Good Condition. A renowned and prolific playwright, drunk enough to say i love You?, Far Away, Bliss, Top Girls, her plays include Cloud Nine, Love and Information, Mad Forest, and A Number. In 2002, she received the obie lifetime Achievement Award and in 2010, she was inducted into the American Theater Hall of Fame.

Nick Hern Books. And what makes escaped alone a great play is that it is strangely euphoric: spiked with terrible, yes, but Churchill's funniest since Serious Money, apocalyptic foreboding, and with an incredible gift for spinning light out of the dark. Time out london on escaped alonethe prolific repertoire of Caryl Churchill gains two thrilling new entries with Here We Go and Escaped Alone, both exemplary of her notoriously dark, witty work.

Here We Go / Escaped Alone: Two Plays - Theatre Communications Group. Through the musings of four older women idly chatting in an English back garden, the fate of the world is outlined in an unsettling revelation of mankind's own self-destruction. Caryl churchill has written for the stage, television, and radio. Used book in Good Condition. Creeping and ruminative, here we go "acts as a chilling reminder of our own mortality" The Guardian, with a three-part examination of death and its aftermath.

Used book in Good Condition.

Sarah Kane: Complete Plays: Blasted; Phaedra's Love; Cleansed; Crave; 4.48 Psychosis; Skin Contemporary Dramatists

Methuen Drama - Used book in Good Condition. Subsequently that play, and the others that followed, have been produced all over the world. Methuen Publishing. Used book in Good Condition. Nick Hern Books. This anthology includes Kane's never-before-published Channel 4 screenplay, Skin. Kane wrote simply and starkly about the world she saw around her.

. A mature and vividly theatrical response to the pain of living. Guardian Used book in Good Condition. Theatre Communications Group. Used book in Good Condition. When blasted was first produced at the Royal Court in 1995 it was hailed jointly as a masterpiece and a 'disgusting piece of filth' Daily Mail.

The Clean House and Other Plays

Theatre Communications Group - Used book in Good Condition. Methuen Publishing. Nick Hern Books. Show-stopping. Passionate. This volume also includes eurydice, late: A Cowboy Song, Ruhl’s reinvention of the tragic Greek tale of love and loss, and Melancholy Play. Sarah ruhl received the prestigious susan smith blackburn prize in 2004 for her play the Clean House, South Coast Repertory Theatre in Costa Mesa, Wilma Theatre in Philadelphia, and Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company in Washington, which has been produced at Yale Repertory Theatre in New Haven, DC.

Used book in Good Condition. Daringly over-the-top and impressively consistent in its delirious excess. Used book in Good Condition. In the award-winning the clean house—a play of uncommon romance and uncommon comedy—a maid who hates cleaning dreams about creating the perfect joke, while a doctor who treats cancer leaves his heart inside one of his patients.

The Clean House and Other Plays - Used book in Good Condition. This comedy is romantic, extravagant in feeling, but in the more arcane sense of the word: visionary, tinged with fantasy, deeply so, maybe a little nuts. The new york times “touching, invigoratingly compact, and luminously liquid, inventive, Eurydice reframes the ancient myth of ill-fated love to focus not on the bereaved musician but on his dead bride—and on her struggle with love beyond the grave.

San francisco chronicle this volume is the first publication of Sarah Ruhl, “a playwright with a unique comic voice, perspective, and sense of theater” Variety, who is fast leaving her mark on the American stage. Theatre Communications Group.