Dispatches from Bitter America: A Gun Toting, Chicken Eating Son of a Baptist’s Culture War Stories

B&H Books - Now he is one of my favorite storytellers. Rainer, president and CEO, LifeWay Christian Resources. Warning: don't start reading this book unless you are prepared to finish it. Simply put, morning host, talk radio 1200 in boston, dispatches From Bitter America is the best book that I have read this year!"Jeff Katz, MA"Todd Starnes is a masterful storyteller.

In dispatches of a bitter america, he offers commentary on today's current events through the lens of a self-proclaimed gun toting, fried-chicken-eating son of a Baptist. With his trademark wit, Todd tackles questions being asked by Americans who wonder what is happening to our country. Todd has always been one of my favorite news personalities and good friends.

Dispatches from Bitter America: A Gun Toting, Chicken Eating Son of a Baptist's Culture War Stories - Fox news radio reporter todd starnes is a self-professed “gun toting, chicken eating son of a Baptist” whose Dispatches from Bitter America is “a collection of stories from my travels across this country and conversations I’ve had with regular folks who have deep concerns about the direction we are going as a nation.

In his award-winning, country music, starnes jumps headfirst into the current culture war, freedom, health care, taking on the topics that are dear to every American: religion, barbeque, satire-meets-serious writing style, and so forth. Todd starnes is a man of immense faith, madly in love with our country, and endowed by his Creator with the unique talent to tell a story like very few can.

Starnes manages to get to the heart of the matter in a way that is both packed with information and sprinkled with humor. It's just that good. Thom S.

The Deplorables' Guide to Making America Great Again

Frontline - With the election of Donald Trump, the American people have spoken. We've told washington enough is enough, and we want to change the course of the country. In the deplorables' guide to making america great again, fox News Radio host Todd Starnes reports from the front lines of the culture war in America and provides insights on what you can do to bring about real and lasting change in our nation.

Hillary Clinton called us irredeemable. President Obama called us bitter. The mainstream media called us backwater bigots. Change may start at the White House, but it finishes at your house. Frontline. We were marginalized by the media - bullied and belittled by sex and gender revolutionaries. We were mocked by Hollywood and dismissed by academics.

The Deplorables' Guide to Making America Great Again - Winning was just the beginning.

God Less America: Real Stories From the Front Lines of the Attack on Traditional Values

Frontline - Frontline. As a reporter covering the culture war for FOX News, Todd Starnes is on the front lines of these attacks against traditional values. In his award-winning, satire-meets-serious writing style, he strikes an important blow in today’s culture wars. Pay attention, people of faith. Dark clouds are gathering.

We live in a day when right is now wrong and wrong is now right. American Christians are facing uncertain times. The winds of intolerance are blowing. Our nation’s values are under assault. It’s about the future of our nation. It’s about free speech. Religious liberty has been undermined. The vicious leftwing attack against the recent traditional marriage stance of Chick-fil-A should serve as a wakeup call to people of faith.

God Less America: Real Stories From the Front Lines of the Attack on Traditional Values - There’s a great storm approaching. It’s about religious liberty. In god less america, he uses both recent news stories and compelling interviews with today’s top conservative leaders to bring to light what is happening across our country. It’s not about a chicken sandwich.

Culture Jihad: How to Stop the Left from Killing a Nation

Post Hill Press - Free speech is under assault. A leftist mob made up of socialist politicians, illegal aliens, academic elites, and effete Pajama Boys has partnered with Antifa, raging feminists, and other radical groups to finish what President Obama started—a fundamental transformation of our nation. As seen on fox & friends! The Left is bulldozing through American history.

Our public schools have been turned into indoctrination centers. Socialism is on the rise. We the people are the only ones who can stop them. America is on the verge of another Civil War. Gun owners are in the crosshairs. Frontline. He believes that if good-hearted patriots rise up together we can stop the jihad.

Culture Jihad: How to Stop the Left from Killing a Nation - . Can america be saved? political columnist, author, commentator, and radio host Todd Starnes addresses this issue and more in Culture Jihad. People of Faith are facing persecution. It is possible to keep America great.

They Popped My Hood And Found Gravy on the Dipstick

Creation House - Frontline. He shares stories from his journey to better health, and along the way loses over 100 pounds, runs the New York City marathon and survives open-heart surgery. Filled with humor and honesty They Popped my Hood and Found Gravy will entertain and challenge you too. Used book in Good Condition. News anchor and reporter for Fox News Radio, Todd Starnes takes a humorous but serious look at life and faith.

The Cost of Our Silence: Consequences of Christians Taking the Path of Least Resistance

Aneko Press - Conspiracy in America. If most christians remain silent, fewer people will be saved, society will collapse, and we will continue to be part of the problem. Used book in Good Condition. One only needs to look at our society to see we are living with those consequences today. Why do you think so many christians pursue comfort over commitment to christ?•do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the darkness and moral decline in society today and wonder what happened to the salt and light? •How have we reached a point where Christians who do preach the gospel and speak up about sin are called hateful, or judgmental?Christian in name only, intolerant, America has become an epicenter for the culture war as too many of us keep ducking the issue of sin.

God will not hold us guiltless. Frontline. The liberal media agenda. We cannot reverse the moral decline, but we can choose to stand for righteousness as we pray for revival and be the salt and light Jesus called us to be while we’re still here. Hide the light of christ and retreat, or let it shine and expose the darkness; live an inconsequential life, or bear fruit that will last.

The Cost of Our Silence: Consequences of Christians Taking the Path of Least Resistance - The church in America. Why do you think christians who defend god’s Word are often called hateful, or judgmental? There are consequences in this life and for eternity, intolerant, when Christians take the path of least resistance.

The Death of Christian Thought: The Deception of Humanism and How to Protect Yourself

Aneko Press - It will help you open the eyes of family and friends who fall for the deception of Humanism, and point them to the eternal hope of Jesus Christ. This book will open your eyes to the rampant deception around us and help you correctly interpret the Word of God so you can stand strong in your faith to the end.

Conspiracy in America. The bible foretells a great deception and falling away from the faith in the latter days where absolute truth is discounted and moral relativism is elevated: Humanism! The clever deception of Humanism has completely taken over government, media and public education, and has infiltrated the visible church so strongly that many churches differ little in their beliefs and teachings from the humanist views of the world.

The Death of Christian Thought: The Deception of Humanism and How to Protect Yourself - We are being lied to and many professing Christians are buying the lies. You will see how god designed our brain, heart and conscience to work, and how the truth of the Bible and the Holy Spirit can help you live a life of joy and peace as the world continues to spin out of control. The church in America.

Used book in Good Condition. The liberal media agenda. It will teach you how to take your thoughts captive in obedience to Christ and live a life of joy, peace and obedience to God. Your eternal soul may be at stake.