Naughty Phrases Word Search

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - Who knew that so many people are into searching for rude, cheeky, naughty and filthy words? This little collection - which may be my last unless I can think up a new angle - covers naughty, dirty, risqué, rude, disgusting, filthy and smutty phrases for you to find. I would like to say a big thank you to all the people who have bought my naughty word search books.

I have had great fun creating them while I took a break from fiction. It goes without saying that this word search book is for Adults Only.

NSFW Adult Word Search

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - Yes, of course old strippers do word search puzzles. I should warn you that just because this is a novelty book doesn't mean that the word search puzzles are easy. Get your long, thin pencils out and engage your smart and smutty mind, but not at work; save this for when you haven't got a date on a Friday or Saturday evening.

. Definitely not safe for work, some of the words in this book will make old strippers blush. What do you think they do when they retire?If you are looking for saucy, naughty, filthy, smutty, ribald and dirty adult fun then look no further.

Saucy, Suggestive and Smutty Word Search for Adults Only

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - Find the filthy words and surprise yourself at just how many you know. Or get yourself a bottle of smelling salts before you begin, in case you need to be revived. I hope to sell enough copies of this book to be able to buy a bar of soap to wash my filthy mouth out with. If you are stressed, and in need of some light relief, step right on in.

I tell you, smutty, suggestive, coming up with these saucy, rude, naughty, risque, filthy and dirty word search puzzles leaves me wanting to lie down in a darkened room for a while. If you are in any way shy, retiring, conservative or easily offended you might want to pass this one by.

Not Your Gramma’s Puzzles! Crossword Puzzles and Word Searches Volume 2 - Swear 'N' Search!: Word Search for Adults

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - You will never look at a word searches the same again. Perfect gift for any occasion or holiday! Introducing swear ’n’ search : word search for adults! get ready to laugh your rear end off as you impress your family, friends, and co-workers with the very thing that will make them lose track of the next 6 hours and any responsibility! The book is packed full of profanities and insults of all sorts including the classics.

Filthy Word Search for Adults Only

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - If you like novelty word search, or if you are looking for an adult gift or stocking-filler for a naughty relative or friend, this book will amuse and delight. It says something about society. You will have to work your another word for a donkey off to find the filthy, grubby, smutty and saucy words. Just because this is a novelty word search book doesn't mean that it is easy.

. It goes without saying that it is definitely not safe for work. Release your inner imp and start finding the naughty words. It is reassuring to know that of the many thousands of words in the English language only a few thousand are dedicated to dirty, filthy, naughty, crude and rude ideas. But what does it say about me that i have produced a word search book containing these filthy words? And what does it say about you as the buyer of this book? Who knows? Just enjoy finding these filthy and naughty words in the full page grids.

NSFW Adult Word Search Vol 3

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - Take it home and enjoy finding the naughty, vulgar, rude, dirty, crude, suggestive, filthy, saucy, x-rated, lewd and funny words and phrases. This adult word search puzzle book is not safe for work, especially not if the boss is looking over your shoulder.

NSFW Adult Word Search Vol 2

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - Do not take this book to work unless your boss is into filthy, rude, smutty, naughty, saucy and suggestive word search puzzles. Not safe for wayne Kerr, or for work, for that matter. As you have enjoyed nSFW Adult Word Search I give you volume two. And grandma, please stop complaining that my books are not filthy enough; I have to lie down in a darkened room for a week each time I publish one.

Have yourself a little light-hearted fun with this naughty little book.

Sweary Rude Word Search

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - Swear words, naughty words, filthy words, rude words, erotic and suggestive words are all waiting for you to find them. If you want a little bit of naughty fun this is the book for you. Along with the conventional word search puzzles you also get to search for words highlighted in some of my erotic stories, with full text included.

Remember, this naughty little book is not safe for work; not unless your boss loves filthy word search too, or you are the boss! Have yourself a party for one! can't think of an appropriate gift for your foul-mouthed, chain-smoking, whisky-guzzling butt-kicking grandmother? Look no further.

Dirty Word Search Lewd and Lusty

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - You want word search that is filthy, dirty, naughty, adult, outrageous, risqué, saucy and suggestive. These books are intended for adults only - and very broadminded ones at that - and are very definitely NSFW not safe for work. But you also want word search that is clever and funny. Delve into dirty word search Lewd and Lusty and have yourself hours of fun with this novelty word search book.

If it's value for money, fun and entertainment that you are after the Daniel Blue naughty word search series will not disappoint.