Rest You Merry: A Professor Peter Shandy Mystery The Peter Shandy Mysteries Book 1

#ad Road #ad - It’s not long before he feels guilty about his prank and returns home to find his lights extinguished—and a dead librarian in his living room. Each december, the faculty of Balaclava Agricultural College goes wild with holiday decorations.  . But as shandy will soon find out, there’s a dark side to even the whitest of white Christmases.

After all, christmas is big business, and the town needs the cash infusion that typically comes with the Illumination. The entire campus glitters with Christmas lights, save for one dark spot: the home of professor Peter Shandy. But after years of resisting the school’s Illumination festival, Shandy suddenly snaps, installing a million-watt display of flashing lights and blaring music perfectly calculated to drive his neighbors mad.

Rest You Merry: A Professor Peter Shandy Mystery The Peter Shandy Mysteries Book 1 #ad - A christmas scrooge discovers a murdered librarian in this holiday novel from an Edgar Award finalist known for her “witty, literate, and charming” mysteries Publishers Weekly. Hoping to avoid a scandal, sometimes detective, the school’s head asks Shandy, to investigate the matter quietly. Then the horticulturalist flees town, planning to spend Christmas on a tramp steamer.


The Luck Runs Out The Peter Shandy Mysteries Book 2

#ad Road #ad - Belinda, the school’s beloved sow, has been kidnapped, and only Peter can bring home the bacon. There is a possible witness to the pig-napping in Miss Flackley, but before she can point Peter towards the vanished porker, the farrier, she is found dead in the barn’s mash feeder. By the time peter discovers the link between the two heists, pigs may really fly.

Although the police recover Helen quickly, her professor husband is badly shaken by the ordeal. At balaclava agricultural college, a kidnapping and pig-napping are followed by murderNewlyweds Peter and Helen Shandy are picking out flatware when a pair of gun-toting hooligans burst into the silversmith’s shop, empty the safe, and leave with Helen as their hostage.

The Luck Runs Out The Peter Shandy Mysteries Book 2 #ad - Early the next morning, the college’s head of animal husbandry frantically reports another hostage situation in progress.


Henrietta Who? The Calleshire Chronicles Book 2

Open Road Media Mystery & Thriller #ad - Jenkins had never had a child, young Henrietta’s life is thrown upside down. When an autopsy proves not only that this was no accident but also that Mrs. If she’s not Mrs. Sloan of the calleshire police force to bring the murderer to justice—and a sense of order back to Henrietta’s life. Early one morning in the quiet English village of Larking, the body of a woman named Mrs.

Proclaimed by the new york times in 1968 to be one of the year’s best books, Henrietta Who? is a first-order English whodunit that’ll keep you guessing until the end. D. Jenkins’s daughter, then who is she? It’s up to Detective Inspector C. Miles away, henrietta, her daughter, receives the bad news while working in the university library.

Henrietta Who? The Calleshire Chronicles Book 2 #ad - Jenkins is found in the road. Jenkins appears to have been the victim of a horrible car accident. Poor Mrs. A hit-and-run murder unearths a case of mistaken identity in this “well-bred, well written and genuinely superior” mystery by the Diamond Dagger winner Kirkus Reviews.


Wrack and Rune The Peter Shandy Mysteries Book 3

#ad Road #ad - A professor ponders the possibility of an ancient Viking curse while investigating a death by quicklime, in a novel by the Edgar Award–nominated author. When 105-year-old hilda horsefall tells young reporter cronkite Swope of a stone carved with Norse runes that once sat in the nearby woods, the writer starts salivating at the thought of breaking the news that Vikings once marauded through their sleepy Massachusetts countryside.

A farmhand has been burned to death by quicklime, and Cronkite gets an exclusive scoop. In this neck of new england, strange deaths are invariably referred to Professor Peter Shandy, the only local with the know-how to connect fearsome quicklime to the Vikings of old. But as he digs into the ancient mystery, he finds the forgotten Norse gods are not above demanding a modern sacrifice.

Wrack and Rune The Peter Shandy Mysteries Book 3 #ad - But while he’s jotting down notes, a scream rings out, and Cronkite finds an even bigger story.


Something the Cat Dragged In The Peter Shandy Mysteries Book 4

#ad Road #ad - Although the police are content to call it an accident, sleuthing horticulturalist Peter Shandy is unconvinced, and finds there are too many unanswered questions. It’s clear something has happened to the old grouch, because he would never be caught without his toupee. Ungley is found in the yard behind his social club, with his head bashed in and his baldness plain for the world to see.

How did ungley come to have such a bulging bank account? who was ungley’s long-lost heir, and what did he have to do with the professor’s lost hair? And whose is the second body in the woods? Shandy must answer these questions and more if he’s to find who pulled the rug out from the balding corpse.

Something the Cat Dragged In The Peter Shandy Mysteries Book 4 #ad - . One morning, his landlady catches her cat coming in with Ungley’s hairpiece between its teeth. A horticulturist and amateur sleuth roots out an irritating professor’s killer in a witty, cozy mystery from a Nero Award–winning master. An unpleasant man in every respect, university professor Herbert Ungley is exceedingly vain.


An Owl Too Many The Peter Shandy Mysteries Book 8

#ad Road #ad - Professor peter shandy returns in “a high-flying farce with humor that ranges from broad slapstick to quiet witticisms. Plenty of people might like to kill a television producer, but which would-be killer had the gall to make the helpless Nyctea scandiaca an accomplice? In his search for material, Emmerick joins Peter Shandy and a few of his colleagues on the annual owl-count.

And though the television producer’s loud mouth and heavy feet make him a dismal birdwatcher, none of the academics expect him to make a fatal blunder. Chasing what appears to be a badly lost snowy owl, Emmerick stumbles into a trap that yanks him into a tree. Discovering that the snowy owl was nothing more than a handful of feathers attached to a fishing pole, Shandy concludes that Emmerick was murdered.

An Owl Too Many The Peter Shandy Mysteries Book 8 #ad - Although the faculty and students are hardly ready for prime time, Emmerick’s interest is in environmental programming—a subject that inspires even the driest Balaclava professor to wax poetic. Emory emmerick comes to Balaclava Agricultural University as a scout for a television station. This murder most fowl is a hoot” Publishers Weekly.

.  .  . By the time the professors reach him, he’s been stabbed to death.


The Corpse in Oozak's Pond The Peter Shandy Mysteries Book 6

#ad Road #ad - A copycat crime on groundhog day brings out Professor Peter Shandy’s inner sleuth in this Edgar Award finalist from the international bestselling author. But oozak’s pond is not quite frozen this year, and as the celebrations reach their peak, the students see someone bobbing through the ice. The rural town of balaclava greets Groundhog Day as an excuse for one last cold-weather fling.

The students and faculty of the local agricultural college drink cocoa, throw snowballs, and when the temperature allows, ice skate. Long past help, the drowning victim is badly decomposed and dressed in an old-fashioned frock coat with a heavy rock in each pocket. First on the scene is Peter Shandy, horticulturalist and—when the college requires it—detective.

The Corpse in Oozak's Pond The Peter Shandy Mysteries Book 6 #ad - . But solving this nineteenth-century murder mystery will take more than Shandy’s knack for growing rutabagas. Relying on his wife’s expertise in local history, the professor dives headfirst into a gilded-age whodunit that cloaks secrets potent enough to kill.


Death Plays a Part Cornish Castle Mystery, Book 1

HQ Digital #ad - Imagine a whole summer full of stories of hidden treasures, fab food and long walks with her perky dachshund Dolly. But when a reenactment of a medieval trial in the castle dungeons ends in real-life murder, and accusations threaten the castle's future, Guinevere and Dolly dig deep into the island community's best-kept secrets to unmask the killer and save their Cornish summer.

The first book in the cornish castle mystery series with the second instalment rubiES IN THE ROSES coming August 2017!Praise for Vivian Conroy‘The first in a new series and it’s off with a bang!’ Rosemary Smith‘Highly recommended. Well read pirate queenplot tightly woven, unique setting’ Avonna Loves Genres.

Death Plays a Part Cornish Castle Mystery, Book 1 #ad - An incredibly tightly written closed door mystery. Rachel’s random reads top 500 Amazon Reviewer‘Is yet another fantastic tale. Karen quickwith high tide comes murder…when her beloved London theatre closes for renovations, costume maker Guinevere is excited to start a job at Cornisea castle, a centuries-old keep on a small tidal island off the coast of Cornwall.


Something in the Water The Peter Shandy Mysteries Book 9

#ad Road #ad - Suddenly with more to do than stopping to smell the lupines, Shandy must ask himself: Which Maine cook has the bad taste to flavor chicken with cyanide? Shoveling down the last bites of a chicken potpie, Flodge clutches his chest and falls dead. Massachusetts horticulturalist Peter Shandy is famous for his rutabagas, but he comes to Maine with a loftier plant in mind.

He may grow wretched lupines, but no gardener can solve a murder like Peter Shandy. The corpse belongs to the late Jasper Flodge, a local loudmouth with a toupee and a sizeable gut. Specifically, he wants to size up the world-renowned lupines of Frances Rondel, a nonagenarian whose legendary flowers are even more beautiful in life than they are in myth.

Something in the Water The Peter Shandy Mysteries Book 9 #ad - A poisoned potpie pulls botanist peter Shandy into a local Maine mystery in the series that “offers a blooming good time” The Baltimore Sun. Shandy is bitterly jealous, but finds a major distraction in the dining room of the country inn where he’s staying.


Aunt Dimity and The King's Ransom Aunt Dimity Mystery Book 23

Penguin Books #ad - She learns that the inn was once a hangout for smugglers, and that it's riddled with secret tunnels the smugglers used to reach a network of hidden caves. But the longer Lori is stuck at the inn, the stranger things seem. When lori is spooked by ghostly noises in the night, Aunt Dimity reminds her rather tartly that not all ghosts intend to harm the living.

In the 23rd installment of the bestselling aunt dimity series, on the southeast coast of England, Lori Shepherd and her husband Bill set off for the historic town of Rye, a dark and stormy night kicks off a ghost chase in rural England On a dull and dreary October day, for a quiet weekend together without the kids.

Aunt Dimity and The King's Ransom Aunt Dimity Mystery Book 23 #ad - Then there's the inn's cook--a brawny, gruff ex-con--who seems to have a beef with a mysterious French guest. Are the noises lori hears made by the spirits of long dead smugglers? or should she be more worried by the inn's living inhabitants? Joining forces with her new friend Bishop Wyndham, and guided by Aunt Dimity's wise counsel, Lori sets out to discover once and for all who--or what--is haunting The King's Ransom.

Bill must first pay a visit to a reclusive client--but after Lori drops him off, a powerful storm drives her off course and leaves her stranded in an ancient, rambling inn called The King's Ransom.


Stormy Day Mysteries: Series Bundle

#ad - The new captain of the police department tells her to mind her own business, but he doesn't take his own advice. She's certainly not going to date the ruggedly handsome, bearded lawyer who's renting half her house. This murder is too difficult for the local boys in blue to figure out. He's always breathing down her neck like a jealous ex-boyfriend which he is.

What's there to be jealous of? Stormy's not even dating anyone. With a little help from her friends and her lawyer boyfriend, Stormy Day solves crimes using her unique detective methods, plus plenty of humor and wit. Each funny, cozy, and utterly delightful Stormy Day Mystery novel contains a complete murder mystery.

Stormy Day Mysteries: Series Bundle #ad - It would be easier to hate him if he weren't so cute underneath that bushy beard. Now there's a murder to solve, and since the legendary Finnegan Day is recovering from surgery, it's up to his determined daughter Stormy to save the town from a twisted killer. Stormy day has moved back home, and it's not for the local coffee or nightlife, both of which are lacking in Misty Falls, Oregon.

Stormy day is caught up in the investigation along with a face from her past. Death of a modern king - stormy day mystery #4brunch at the koenig mansion? sounds delicious! What could possibly go wrong?DEATH OF A DOUBLE DIPPER - Stormy Day Mystery #5When a troublesome real estate agent makes a terrible mess at a client's house, there is no shortage of suspects.

If she fails to solve this puzzle in time, someone close to her will pay a terrible cost. Here are some spoiler-free words from readers:“Stormy ranks right at the top with the mysteries I've read, laughed at and loved.