Wings Press - In this, politically intense, each poem is intellectually insightful, the fifth major collection of poetry from the iconic Chicana–Native American poet Lorna Dee Cervantes, linguistically playful, and sensually aflame. Sueño, which engages readers on half a dozen levels at once, lives up to the author’s reputation for deft word play.

From the Cables of Genocide: Poems on Love and Hunger

Arte Publico Pr - Cervantes stretches the resources of language, imagery, hunger, and the dialectics of love, and aesthetics to express a penetrating feminist and human vision of her universe.

Ciento: 100 100-Word Love Poems

Wings Press - Flavored by the author’s chicana and Native American roots, this poetry collection explores eroticism and sensuality while keeping to the confines of 100 words. Simultaneously intelligent and humorous, this book investigates the themes of passion and desire as it conveys intense political ideas and reactions.

Written by a woman of color, this compilation will resonate with audiences beyond her race and ethnicity.

Emplumada Pitt Poetry Series

University of Pittsburgh Press - Emplumada is lorna dee cervantes’s first book, a collection of poems remarkable for their surface clarity, precision of image, and emotional urgency. Rooted in her chicana heritage, these poems illuminate the American experience of the last quarter century and, at a time when much of what is merely fashionable in American poetry is recondite and exclusive, Cervantes has the ability to speak to and for a large audience.

Drive: The First Quartet: New Poems, 1980–2005

Wings Press - Used book in Good Condition. This five-part collection of poems ranges from highly political to gently playful and personal.