The Case for Christmas: A Journalist Investigates the Identity of the Child in the Manger

Zondervan - Still others view jesus as a profound philosopher, a feminist, a prophet, a rabbi, and more. Who was he—really? and how can you know for sure? Consulting experts on the Bible, and messianic prophecy, archaeology, Lee Strobel searches out the true identity of the child in the manger. Join him as he asks the tough, pointed questions you’d expect from an award-winning legal journalist.

Who was in the manger that first Christmas morning? Some say he would become a great moral leader. Others, a social critic. If jesus really was god in the flesh, then there ought to be credible evidence, including eyewitness evidence—Can the biographies of Jesus be trusted? Scientific Evidence—What does archaeology reveal? Profile Evidence—Did Jesus fulfill the attributes of God? Fingerprint Evidence—Did Jesus uniquely match the identity of the Messiah? The Case for Christmas invites you to consider why Christmas matters in the first place.

The Case for Christmas: A Journalist Investigates the Identity of the Child in the Manger - . Weigh the facts. And decide for yourself. Somewhere beyond the traditions of the holiday lies the truth. It may be more compelling than you’ve realized. Many are convinced he was the divine Son of God.

The Case for Christmas Study Guide: Evidence for the Identity of Jesus

Zondervan - In this four-week study, the facts from the fantasy, Lee reveals what he discovered as he sought to separate the holiday from the holy day, and the truth from the tradition. Discover the true christmas storyeven when he was an atheist, lee Strobel enjoyed the Christmas season–the gift-giving, holiday parties, and being with friends and family.

But after his wife became a Christian, Lee started to investigate the real meaning behind all those nativity scenes he had seen outside of churches. In each session you will explore:what the bible actually says about jesus’ birth and how you can know it is accuratewhether the Christmas story actually happened or developed from the myths of the dayThe Bible’s claim that Jesus was born of a virgin and why it is important to your faithHow Jesus–and only Jesus–fulfilled hundreds of biblical prophecies about the MessiahThe Case for Christmas will invite you to look beyond the familiar traditions of the season, challenge you to examine the evidence for yourself, and consider why Christmas really matters.

The Case for Christmas Study Guide: Evidence for the Identity of Jesus - Sessions include:setting the record straightbeneath the fake NewsA Mind-Boggling PropositionThe Prophetic FingerprintDesigned for use with The Case for Christmas Video Study/The Case for Easter Video Study sold separately.  .

The Case for Easter: A Journalist Investigates the Evidence for the Resurrection

Zondervan - Drawing on expert testimony first shared in his blockbuster book the case for christ, strobel examines:the medical Evidence—Was Jesus’ death a sham and his resurrection a hoax?The Evidence of the Missing Body—Was Jesus’ body really absent from his tomb?The Evidence of Appearances—Was Jesus seen alive after his death on the cross?Written in a hard-hitting journalistic style, The Case for Easter probes the core issues of the resurrection.

And post-crucifixion sightings of Jesus have been explained in psychological terms. How credible is the evidence for—and against—the resurrection? Focusing his award-winning skills as a legal journalist on history’s most compelling enigma, Lee Strobel retraces the startling findings that led him from atheism to belief.

The Case for Easter: A Journalist Investigates the Evidence for the Resurrection - Did jesus of nazareth really rise from the dead?Of the many world religions, only one claims that its founder returned from the grave. But a dead man coming back to life? in our sophisticated age, when myth has given way to science, who can take such a claim seriously? Some argue that Jesus never died on the cross.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the very cornerstone of Christianity. Jesus christ, risen from the dead: superstitious myth or life-changing reality? The evidence is in. The verdict is up to you. Conflicting accounts make the empty tomb seem suspect.

The Case for Miracles: A Journalist Investigates Evidence for the Supernatural

Zondervan - Along the way, he encounters astounding accounts of healings and other phenomena that simply cannot be explained away by naturalistic causes. New york times bestselling author lee strobel trains his investigative sights on the hot-button question: is it really credible to believe God intervenes supernaturally in people's lives today?This provocative book starts with an unlikely interview in which America's foremost skeptic builds a seemingly persuasive case against the miraculous.

Yet,  the case for miracles shows not only that the miraculous is possible, but that God still does intervene in our world in awe-inspiring ways. But then strobel travels the country to quiz scholars to see whether they can offer solid answers to atheist objections. Here’s a unique book that examines all sides of this issue and comes away with a passionate defense for God's divine action in lives today.

The Case for Miracles: A Journalist Investigates Evidence for the Supernatural - Also available: the case for Miracles Spanish edition, kids' edition, and student edition. The book features the results of exclusive new scientific polling that shows miracle accounts are much more common than people think. What's more, strobel delves into the most controversial question of all: what about miracles that don't happen? If God can intervene in the world, why doesn't he do it more often to relieve suffering? Many American Christians are embarrassed by the supernatural, not wanting to look odd or extreme to their neighbors.

NIV, Case for the Resurrection, eBook

Zondervan - With material from lee strobel’s the case for christ Study Bible linked to the Easter story found in the book of Luke, this small but powerful booklet will become required Easter reading for you year after year. Whether you’re a student, parent, grandparent, or pastor, the season leading up to the Easter holiday is a great time to bring the story of the Resurrection to life in new and engaging ways.

. The case for the resurrection, a booklet from bestselling author Lee Strobel, provides new evidence that shines a fresh light on the Bible’s most important story—the Resurrection.

Finding the Real Jesus: A Guide for Curious Christians and Skeptical Seekers

Zondervan - Digging below the surface, this book provides credible, informed answers to today’s most pressing questions about Jesus. In recent years, however, that picture of Jesus has come under widely publicized attack from sources ranging from critical scholars to Internet pundits to popular historians and others.

. You can’t help but wonder … did christianity merely copy its beliefs from earlier mythology? Did the church suppress alternate gospels? Did Jesus never die on the cross or rise from the dead for sinners? Is the New Testament hopelessly riddled with errors? New York Times bestselling author Lee Strobel helps you separate truth from media hype, sound scholarship from bias, and fact from speculation.

Finding the Real Jesus: A Guide for Curious Christians and Skeptical Seekers - The new portraits of Jesus seem persuasive. Who was jesus —really? for centuries, the Christian church has taught that Jesus is the divine Son of God, crucified for sinners and raised from the dead.

52 Little Lessons from a Christmas Carol

Thomas Nelson - Gold medallion award-winner bob welch crafts 52 nuggets of Bible-based wisdom from one of the most popular novels of all time, A Christmas Carol. From the miserliness of scrooge to the innocence of Tiny Tim, not only at Christmas, 52 Little Lessons from A Christmas Carol will inspire readers to live for what really matters, but all year long.

. Award-winning author Bob Welch takes readers deeper into the nuances of this classic by Charles Dickens. For it is good to be children sometimes, and never better than at Christmas, when its mighty Founder was a child Himself. No space of regret can make amends for one life’s opportunity misused. God bless us, every one.

52 Little Lessons from a Christmas Carol - The lessons and stories from the beloved novel A Christmas Carol point to bedrock values we all share.

The Case for Hope: Looking Ahead With Confidence and Courage

Zondervan - Can you really trust in hope? lee strobel proves that you can!Lee Strobel’s trademark investigative style paired with an uplifting message of the hope found in Jesus Christ. Lee’s timeless message walks readers through why holding on to hope is so crucial, why we can trust in the hope of Jesus Christ, and how that hope can change our lives for the better.

Lee strobel has already helped millions delve deeper into their faith and investigate the how and the why of what they believe. The case for hope is sure to inspire and ignite hope into the hearts of those who thought they were without hope.  . His cases for a creator, Christ, and faith are air-tight and convincing to even the most stalwart skeptic.

The Case for Grace: A Journalist Explores the Evidence of Transformed Lives Case for ... Series

Zondervan - Plus, be sure to check out Lee Strobel's entire collection of Case for. In the case for grace, bestselling author Lee Strobel crafts a compelling and highly personal case for God, focusing on God's transforming work in the lives of men and women today. In this book, you'll encounter racists, addicts, and even murderers who have found new hope and purpose.

And more! He travels thousands of miles to capture the inspiring stories of everyday people whose values have been radically changed and who have discovered the "how" and "why" behind God’s amazing grace. Through it all, you will be encouraged as you see how God’s grace can revolutionize your eternity and relationships.

The Case for Grace: A Journalist Explores the Evidence of Transformed Lives Case for ... Series - Books:the case for christ investigates the historical evidence for JesusThe Case for a Creator explores the scientific evidence for GodThe Case for Faith responds to eight major objections about Christianity . Starting today. Also available: the case for Grace Spanish edition, kids' edition, and student edition.

. You'll meet once-bitter people who have received God's power to forgive those who have harmed them - and, equally amazing, people mired in guilt who have discovered that they can even forgive themselves. Writing with unusual candor, lee draws upon his own journey from atheism to Christianity to explore the depth and breadth of God's redeeming love for spiritually wayward people.

Six Hours One Friday: Living in the Power of the Cross

Thomas Nelson - Does the grave appear to be the final stop? According to Christ, your death is just the start of the something great. There is a truth greater than all the losses and sorrows of life. You are forgiven and loved by a Savior who died for you. Confidence in the midst of crisis. And it can be discovered in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In six hours one friday, max Lucado delves into the meaning of Jesus' last hours on the cross. Through his death, your life has purpose and meaning. Hope defying despair. Does death have the last word? I can see Jesus wink as he gives the answer,  Not on your life. ". Does life feel futile? Doesn't have to.

Six Hours One Friday: Living in the Power of the Cross - Do some of your failures seem fatal? They aren't. And your death. And an empty tomb proclaims that death does not have the final word. Peace where there should be pain.

The Case for a Creator: A Journalist Investigates Scientific Evidence That Points Toward God Strobel, Lee

Zondervan - A diverse and impressive body of research has increasingly supported the conclusion that the universe was intelligently designed. At the same time, Darwinism has faltered in the face of concrete facts and hard reason. Has science discovered god? at the very least, it's giving faith an immense boost, as new findings emerge about the incredible complexity of our universe.

Join strobel as he reexamines the theories that once led him away from God. But, so was my later journey to God, ironically, " Strobel says. During his academic years, Lee Strobel became convinced that God was obsolete, a belief that colored his journalism career. Science had made the idea of a Creator irrelevant - or so Strobel thought.

The Case for a Creator: A Journalist Investigates Scientific Evidence That Points Toward God Strobel, Lee - But today science points in a different direction. In this new york times bestselling book, award-winning Chicago Tribune journalist Lee Strobel investigates and unpacks the scientific evidence that points toward God. My road to atheism was paved by science. Through his compelling and highly readable account, physics, DNA research, astronomy, you’ll encounter the mind-stretching discoveries from cosmology, cellular biology, and human consciousness that present astonishing evidence in The Case for a Creator.

Also available: the case for a creator small group video study and study guide, student edition, kids' edition, Spanish edition, and more.