The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet: A Novel

Random House - By the new york times bestselling author of the bone clocks and Cloud Atlas | Longlisted for the Man Booker PrizeIn 2007, Time magazine named him one of the most influential novelists in the world. The consequences will extend beyond Jacob’s worst imaginings. The new york times Book Review called him simply “a genius.

Now david mitchell lends fresh credence to The Guardian’s claim that “each of his books seems entirely different from that which preceded it. The thousand autumns of jacob de zoet is a stunning departure for this brilliant, restless, and wildly ambitious author, a giant leap forward by even his own high standards.

The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet: A Novel - He has twice been short-listed for the Man Booker Prize. A novel of ideas, of longing, of good and evil and those who fall somewhere in between that confirms Mitchell as one of the more fascinating and fearless writers alive. Dave eggers, the new york times book review   “The novelist who’s been showing us the future of fiction has published a classic, old-fashioned tale.

. As one cynical colleague asks, and heedless imagination, with his very life?”A magnificent mix of luminous writing, prodigious research, “Who ain’t a gambler in the glorious Orient, The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet is the most impressive achievement of its eminent author.

Waiting for the Barbarians: A Novel

Penguin Books - The magistrate is not simply a man living through a crisis of conscience in an obscure place in remote times; his situation is that of all men living in unbearable complicity with regimes that ignore justice and decency. Mark rylance wolf hall,  bridge of Spies, Ciro Guerra and producer Michael Fitzgerald are teaming up to to bring J.

M. Coetzee's prize-winning novel is a startling allegory of the war between opressor and opressed. M. Jolted into sympathy for their victims, he commits a quixotic act of rebellion that brands him an enemy of the state. J. Coetzee's waiting for the Barbarians to the big screen. A modern classic by Nobel Laureate J.

Waiting for the Barbarians: A Novel - M. Coetzee. His latest novel,  The Schooldays of Jesus, is now available from Viking. Late essays: 2006-2016 will be available January 2018. For decades the magistrate has been a loyal servant of the Empire, running the affairs of a tiny frontier settlement and ignoring the impending war with the barbarians.

When interrogation experts arrive, however, he witnesses the Empire's cruel and unjust treatment of prisoners of war.

Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, death, and hope in a Mumbai undercity

Random House - But then abdul is falsely accused in a shocking tragedy; terror and global recession rock the city; and suppressed tensions over religion, power, caste, sex, and economic envy turn brutal. Beyond groundbreaking. Junot díaz, the new york times book review  “Reported like Watergate, written like Great Expectations, and handily the best international nonfiction in years.

New york“this book is both a tour de force of social justice reportage and a literary masterpiece. Judges’ citation for the pen/John Kenneth Galbraith Award   “A landmark book. The wall street journal   “A triumph of a book. Amartya sen   “there are books that change the way you feel and see; this is one of them.

Adrian nicole leblanc   “A stunning piece of narrative nonfiction. Katherine Boo’s prose is electric. O: the oprah magazine   “Inspiring, and irresistible. And even the poorest children, like the young thief Kalu, feel themselves inching closer to their dreams. She shows us how people in the most desperate circumstances can find the resilience to hang on to their humanity.

Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, death, and hope in a Mumbai undercity - Winner of the national book award | the pen/john kenneth galbraith award | the los angeles times book prize | the american academy of arts and letters award | the new york public library’s helen bernstein book award   named one of the ten best books of the year by the new york times • the washington post • o: the oprah magazine • usa today • New York • The Miami Herald • San Francisco Chronicle • Newsday   NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY The New Yorker • People • Entertainment Weekly • The Wall Street Journal • The Boston Globe • The Economist • Financial Times • Newsweek/The Daily Beast • Foreign Policy • The Seattle Times • The Nation • St.

As india starts to prosper, the residents of Annawadi are electric with hope.

Hotel Du Lac Vintage Contemporaries

Vintage - She also attracts the attention of a worldly man determined to release her unused capacity for mischief and pleasure. In the novel that won her the booker prize and established her international reputation, Anita Brookner finds a new vocabulary for framing the eternal question "Why love?" It tells the story of Edith Hope, who writes romance novels under a psudonym.

Beautifully observed, witheringly funny, Hotel du Lac is Brookner at her most stylish and potently subversive. When her life begins to resemble the plots of her own novels, Edith flees to Switzerland, however, where the quiet luxury of the Hotel du Lac promises to resore her to her senses. But instead of peace and rest, Edith finds herself sequestered at the hotel with an assortment of love's casualties and exiles.

Reincarnation Blues: A Novel

Del Rey - Reminiscent of tom robbins and Christopher Moore, Poore finds humor in the dark absurdities of life. Chicago review of Books   “Charming. Then we die. A wildly imaginative novel about a man who is reincarnated over ten thousand lifetimes to be with his one true love: Death herself. Tales of gods and men akin to Neil Gaiman’s Sandman as penned by a kindred spirit of Douglas Adams.

Kirkus reviews starred review First we live. It’s your story, too. Praise for reincarnation blues “The most fun you’ll have reading about a man who has been killed by both catapult and car accident. Npr   “this book made me laugh out loud. More than just milo’s lover throughout his countless layovers in the Afterlife, Suzie is literally his reason for living—as he dives into one new existence after another, praying for the day he’ll never have to leave her side again.

Reincarnation Blues: A Novel - But reincarnation blues is more than a great love story: Every journey from cradle to grave offers Milo more pieces of the great cosmic puzzle—if only he can piece them together in time to finally understand what it means to be part of something bigger than infinity. It reads like a writer having fun.

New york journal of Books. Achieve Wisdom. And become One with Everything.

The Wheel of Fortune

Open Road Media - Based on a true story that has been updated to modern times, redemption, revenge, hatred, The Wheel of Fortune is a timeless tale of love, and forgiveness. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Susan Howatch including rare photos and never-before-seen documents from the author’s personal collection.

In the summers before 1914, music streams through the family home as the Godwins, at the height of their prosperity, dance in the ballroom with their guests. But despite the remarkable talents of heir-apparent Robert Godwin, the fates have a rough, tough ride planned for him and those he loves. Tucked in the hills of South Wales is Oxmoon, the ancestral estate of the Godwin family.

The Wheel of Fortune - Fortunes shift during two world wars, disastrous love affairs leave the family battered, and finally jealousy threatens to destroy Oxmoon and all it symbolizes. An “emotion-packed” new york times–bestselling saga by the author of Cashelmara, set on a Welsh family estate in the early twentieth century San Francisco Chronicle.

Of the Farm: A Novel

Random House - For three days, seeking alignments, a quartet of voices explores the air, pleading, quarreling, making confessions, and pardoning. Of the farm concerns the places people choose to live their lives, and the strategies they use to stand their ground. With of the farm, john updike has achieved a sureness of touch, a suppleness of style, and a subtlety of vision that is gained by few writers of fi ction.

The new york timesin this short novel, with his second wife and eleven-year-old stepson, describes a visit he makes, a thirty-five-year-old New Yorker, Joey Robinson, to the Pennsylvania farm where he grew up and where his aging mother now lives alone. They are not entirely alone: ghosts fathers, lovers, lawyers, as do phantoms from the near future nurses, children press upon them, land developers.

Of the Farm: A Novel - A small masterpiece.

A Death in the Family

Penguin Classics - The classic american novel, a death in the family remains a near-perfect work of art, two years after its author's death at the age of forty-five, re-published for the 100th anniversary of James Agee's birthPublished in 1957, an autobiographical novel that contains one of the most evocative depictions of loss and grief ever written.

A novel of great courage, lyric force, and powerful emotion, A Death in the Family is a masterpiece of American literature. As jay follet hurries back to his home in knoxville, Tennessee, he is killed in a car accident-a tragedy that destroys not only a life, but also the domestic happiness and contentment of a young family.

Gravity's Rainbow Classic, 20th-Century, Penguin

Penguin Press - The implications of this discovery will launch slothrop on an amazing journey across war-torn Europe, in search of the mysterious Rocket 00000, fleeing an international cabal of military-industrial superpowers, through a wildly comic extravaganza that has been hailed in The New Republic as “the most profound and accomplished American novel since the end of World War II.

”. Winner of the 1974 national Book Award “A screaming comes across the sky. Army, corresponds identically to a map showing the V-2 impact sites. A few months after the germans’ secret v-2 rocket bombs begin falling on London, British Intelligence discovers that a map of the city pinpointing the sexual conquests of one Lieutenant Tyrone Slothrop, U.

2666: A Novel

Farrar, Straus and Giroux - Its throng of unforgettable characters includes academics and convicts, an elusive German novelist, and a teenage student and her widowed, an American sportswriter, mentally unstable father. The posthumous masterwork from "one of the greatest and most influential modern writers" james wood, beauty, the new york times book review composed in the last years of roberto bolaño's life, surpassing even his previous work in its strangeness, 2666 was greeted across Europe and Latin America as his highest achievement, and scope.

. Their lives intersect in the urban sprawl of SantaTeresa—a fictional Juárez—on the U. S. Mexico border, in the novel as in life, where hundreds of young factory workers, have disappeared.

Pale Fire Vintage International

Vintage - In pale fire nabokov offers a cornucopia of deceptive pleasures: a 999-line poem by the reclusive genius John Shade; an adoring foreword and commentary by Shade's self-styled Boswell, Dr. Charles kinbote; a darkly comic novel of suspense, literary idolatry and one-upmanship, and political intrigue.