Top 9 Pumpkin Seeds to Eat – Fruit Plants & Seeds

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1. AchmadAnam


Succulent Seeds, Butternut Pumpkin Seed, calabaza Good to eat 20 Seeds

AchmadAnam #ad - Frithia humilis. 100 seeds. These seeds are well packed and shipped via USPS from United Stated. Seeds were took this season. Butternut pumpkin seed, calabaza good to eat 20 seeds.
BrandAchmadAnam #ad
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2. BasqueStore


Byndgreenstore, Spaguetii Squash Rare Pumpkin Seed Good to eat 20 Seeds

BasqueStore #ad - Please discuss this with us immediately if you are not satisfied with our items. Sit back and relax - please don't be wondering why the seeds have not germinated after short periods of time. Just feel free to contact us. Our seeds are measured by weight which means seed counts can vary. The seeds were took this season. We'll do our best to solve the problem with our customers. Seed count : please note that all seed counts are approximate. Several time will be needed for some seeds. This is normal.
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ManufacturerBasqueStore #ad

3. Generic


Spaghetti Squash Rare Pumpkin Pasta Substitute Good to Eat Séẹd 50 Séẹds

Generic #ad - Vegetable: zucchini, eggplant, kale, mushroom, pumpkin, asparagus, spinach, mustard, turnip, jicama, cabagge, broccoli, pea, cucamelon, lettuce, luffa, potato, bok choy, tomato, cucumber, bitter gourd, okra, bean, cabbage, corn, rhubarb, radish, lettuce, moringa, squash, carrot, brussels spouts.

Herb: mint, garlic, cumin, jalapeno, chives, rosemary, culantro, basil, parsley, cayenne, ginseng, pepper, onion, cilantro, cumin, chilli. Flower: wildflower, cosmos, hollyhock, zinnia, datura, geranium, vinca, adenium obesum, sunflower, petunia, hibiscus, daisy, orchids, hydrangea, moonflower, tulips, echinacea, peony, morning glory, chrysanthemum, poppy, lupine, ivy, lantana, wisteria, delphinium, pansy, lotus, shameplant, safflower, coneflower, periwinkle, foxglove, hyacinth, lilac, lavender, canna, mimosa pudica, rose, milkweed, coleus, jasmine, lily, dahlia, cockscomb, nasturtium, marigold, gladiolus.

Fruit: grape, raspberry, lychee, blackcurrant, plum, jackfruit, guava, watermelon, strawberry, cherry, blackberry, passion, blueberry, pineapple, melon, papaya, kiwi, lime, peach, pear, carambola, kumquat, apricot. Grass: clover, catnip, thyme, bermuda, zoysia, cat, kentucky bluegrass, weed, ryegrass, wheatgrass, fescue.
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4. Generic


Spaguetii Squash Rare Pumpkin Pasta Substitute Good to Eat Séẹd 50 Séẹds

Generic #ad - Herb: mint, cumin, cayenne, culantro, chives, jalapeno, garlic, cumin, onion, ginseng, pepper, parsley, rosemary, cilantro, basil, chilli. Vegetable: zucchini, radish, moringa, rhubarb, asparagus, carrot, bitter gourd, okra, bean, turnip, pea, broccoli, cabbage, luffa, squash, corn, pumpkin, eggplant, bok choy, lettuce, cabagge, tomato, kale, lettuce, cucamelon, cucumber, mustard, mushroom, jicama, potato, spinach, brussels spouts.

Flower: wildflower, petunia, rose, lantana, shameplant, poppy, cosmos, tulips, ivy, hollyhock, datura, wisteria, orchids, delphinium, adenium obesum, hyacinth, echinacea, hydrangea, dahlia, foxglove, geranium, coleus, vinca, moonflower, lavender, periwinkle, lupine, chrysanthemum, marigold, peony, lotus, mimosa pudica, milkweed, lily, coneflower, hibiscus, morning glory, daisy, zinnia, canna, nasturtium, jasmine, lilac, safflower, cockscomb, sunflower, pansy, gladiolus.

Grass: clover, ryegrass, thyme, zoysia, wheatgrass, weed, cat, bermuda, kentucky bluegrass, catnip, fescue. Fruit: grape, strawberry, kumquat, blueberry, passion, lime, blackberry, guava, melon, carambola, blackcurrant, papaya, lychee, cherry, raspberry, plum, pineapple, watermelon, pear, kiwi, peach, jackfruit, apricot.
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5. Generic


Calabaza Long Neck Squash Vẹgétạble Good to Eat Séẹd 50 Séẹds, Butternut Pumpkin

Generic #ad - Fruit: grape, blackberry, papaya, kiwi, carambola, kumquat, blueberry, strawberry, lime, lychee, jackfruit, watermelon, pear, blackcurrant, guava, raspberry, cherry, passion, peach, pineapple, plum, melon, apricot. Vegetable: zucchini, rhubarb, eggplant, mustard, bok choy, mushroom, lettuce, carrot, squash, kale, cucamelon, okra, potato, luffa, bean, moringa, lettuce, bitter gourd, asparagus, corn, pea, turnip, radish, jicama, tomato, cucumber, broccoli, cabbage, pumpkin, spinach, cabagge, brussels spouts.

Grass: clover, zoysia, thyme, kentucky bluegrass, bermuda, cat, weed, catnip, wheatgrass, ryegrass, fescue. Herb: mint, garlic, basil, cayenne, culantro, rosemary, cumin, onion, pepper, jalapeno, ginseng, chives, parsley, cumin, cilantro, chilli.

Flower: wildflower, moonflower, delphinium, petunia, lilac, echinacea, poppy, adenium obesum, zinnia, hydrangea, datura, chrysanthemum, hollyhock, shameplant, safflower, marigold, hibiscus, lupine, pansy, lily, tulips, coleus, vinca, cosmos, orchids, wisteria, periwinkle, foxglove, mimosa pudica, geranium, lotus, lavender, lantana, canna, daisy, ivy, nasturtium, rose, sunflower, coneflower, jasmine, hyacinth, morning glory, cockscomb, peony, dahlia, milkweed, gladiolus.
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6. Generic


Pumpkin Séẹd Long Neck Calabaza Cuello Largo Criolla Edible Good to Eat 50 Séẹds

Generic #ad - Vegetable: zucchini, lettuce, eggplant, cabbage, mustard, cabagge, pumpkin, squash, tomato, pea, radish, carrot, cucamelon, lettuce, luffa, mushroom, jicama, kale, bok choy, corn, cucumber, asparagus, broccoli, bean, rhubarb, spinach, okra, turnip, moringa, bitter gourd, potato, brussels spouts.

Fruit: grape, lime, cherry, jackfruit, papaya, guava, watermelon, plum, melon, lychee, passion, raspberry, pineapple, kumquat, blackberry, carambola, strawberry, blackcurrant, peach, blueberry, kiwi, pear, apricot. Herb: mint, cumin, garlic, cumin, onion, pepper, parsley, culantro, ginseng, jalapeno, basil, chives, cilantro, cayenne, rosemary, chilli. Flower: wildflower, shameplant, adenium obesum, tulips, lupine, pansy, canna, coleus, rose, hyacinth, cosmos, geranium, coneflower, lily, wisteria, chrysanthemum, foxglove, sunflower, hollyhock, milkweed, hibiscus, daisy, lotus, lavender, datura, delphinium, hydrangea, periwinkle, petunia, morning glory, nasturtium, lantana, moonflower, lilac, poppy, safflower, orchids, jasmine, zinnia, ivy, cockscomb, mimosa pudica, vinca, peony, marigold, echinacea, dahlia, gladiolus.

Grass: clover, zoysia, weed, bermuda, cat, catnip, thyme, kentucky bluegrass, wheatgrass, ryegrass, fescue.
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7. Sow Right Seeds


Sow Right Seeds, Great Gardening Gift 3, Non-GMO Heirloom Packet with Instructions to Plant a Home Vegetable Garden, Small Sugar Pumpkin Seed for Planting

Sow Right Seeds #ad - Safe seed -- sow right seeds has taken the safe seed pledge and sells only fresh non-gmo heirloom seeds that are safe for you and your family. Safe seed -- sow right seeds has taken the safe Seed Pledge and sells only fresh Non-GMO heirloom seeds that are safe for you and your family.

Flesh is fine-grained and sweet; perfect for baking. It is primarily grown for its firm sweet flesh that makes wonderful pies, breads, and even soups. Beautiful -- large full-color packet of small sugar pumpkin seeds; This standard pie pumpkin is also popular as a decoration. Great for kids -- this fast growing pumpkin will amaze your children as they watch it grow. Decorative or eating -- this variety looks great in a fall-colored display or as a mini jack-o-lantern.

Easy to grow -- instructions to plant included on each packet with additional growing tips, etc. Minimum of 5g per packet. Plants have large green leaves and grows rapidly. If these seeds don’t germinate, recipes, harvest instructions, we will happily make it “Right” for you. Pumpkins are small and round with evenly ribbed orange skin. Plus we are available to answer your questions as well.
BrandSow Right Seeds #ad
ManufacturerRight Hardware Co. #ad

8. CZ Grain


Giant Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin Seeds to Grow | 10 Seeds | Big Max Pumpkins, Prized to Make Giant Jack O Lanterns

CZ Grain #ad - Seeds are non-gmo, easy to grow and hand packed by CZ Grain in Iowa. Made in usa. Handsome pumpkins, up to 100 lbs. Fine-grained, bright orange flesh is great for canning or freezing. Great gift for mom, dad, gardener, Great outdoor STEM Project for Kids.110 days. Ships from our Iowa farm and nursery to you! Satisfaction Guaranteed. Or more, make excellent pies and impressive jack-o'-lanterns.
BrandCZ Grain #ad
ManufacturerCZ Grain #ad

9. SuperSeedz


Vegan & Keto Snacks | 8g Plant Based Protein | Produced In USA | Nut Free | Gluten Free Snack | 6-pack, 5oz each, Superseedz Gourmet Roasted Pumpkin Seeds | Somewhat Spicy | Whole 30, Paleo

SuperSeedz #ad - Satisfaction guaranteed > serving you is our highest priority. Product and customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Packed with 8g of plant based protein and only 1 net carb per serving! If you are not satisfied, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Treat with a little heat > somewhat spicy is a savory blend of aged cayenne pepper, garlic, sea salt and just enough spice to satisfy without the inconvenience of the runny nose. Produced in the usa> our no shell european pumpkin seeds are harvested in Europe NOT in China! then produced & packaged in the US, ensuring the greatest degree of oversight and quality nutritional analysis.

Free from top 14 allergens >school safe! no peanuts, fish or shellfish | no added sugars | perfect for keto, soy, wheat, tree nuts, milk, egg, vegan, whole 30 & paleo snacks. Tired of choosing between health or flavor? our premium pumpkin seed pepitas superfood is packed with both nutrients and flavor! No more compromising taste when trying to eat healthy snacks.
BrandSuperSeedz #ad
ManufacturerSuperSeedz #ad
Height4.6 Inches
Length8.4 Inches
Weight0.38 Pounds
Width8.3 Inches
Part Number00068134