Wide Open

- From children living on a landfill, to the perspectives of two women whose homes are taken from them, to a man named Charlie Sin who has freaky nightmares of travelling in a wacked-up America. With this short book, david Johnson leads you through a journey of discovery, thought, humor, and wit. Wide open is a book you soon won't forget.

. Or want to.

Where Is God When I Can't Find Him?

- Have you ever felt alone, abandoned even by god?  or have you questioned why bad things happen to good people?  Are there times you struggle tomake sense of world events and the evil that exists in it?  Perhapsyou've asked how can God allow unspeakable acts to occur?None of us can escape the eventuality of times of trouble.

And it is duringthose times of darkness, when we find ourselves walking "the valley ofthe shadow of death, " that we turn our palms and eyes upward and ask the questions that begin with the word "Why. If you sometimes doubt if God is really there, you need to read this booklet. If you have a friend who is struggling with the questions generated by human suffering, you need to share this with them.

Where Is God When I Can't Find Him? - In it you will see a "behind the scenes look" at how the world actuallyworks. The veil of secrecy between mankind and God is pulled back andwe learn important details about his dealings with us. The truth maysurprise you or perhaps disappoint you. But truth doesn't exist solelyto satisfy the human mind.

Ransom's Law

- Roscoe ransom returned home from World War I, broken both in body and spirit, drowning his pain daily in a bottle of whiskey. Junior overhears enough in town to realize this was no random murder of a black man. But even alcohol can’t numb the agony of losing his wife or the fear of trying to raise his son, Junior, alone.

When she sees him trying to locate the killer that his drunken father can’t—or won’t—find she decides to become Junior’s self-assigned protector. But the more questions he asks, the more dangerous the situation becomes for him, Roscoe, and Willow. When the threats turn deadly, david johnson, will it be enough to shake roscoe from his misery in time to save them and find redemption? Or will his personal demons once again win until he’s lost everything and everyone who cares about him?Best selling author, has once again produced one of his trademark “books with heart” and spun a tale that will have you rooting for the underdogs and hoping that good will triumph over evil.

Ransom's Law - However, the mind-numbing predictability of roscoe’s life as a sharecropper and his role of town sheriff—a job given to him out of pity when he returned from the war—is suddenly upended when a black man in their tiny community is murdered and castrated. At eleven years old, but the person who has grown to fill that role is Willow Muscadine, a Cherokee Indian woman, Junior longs for his father’s love and attention to fill the void left by the death of his mother, who lives next door.

The Last Patient

Kindle Press - But what the two of them discover is a secret that has been hidden from them their whole lives, a secret that once discovered changes both of them forever. The last patient is a story about regret, truth, and redemption. David johnson, author of the best-selling Tucker series and The Woodcutter’s Wife brings us another of his trademark “books with heart.

The last patient is a book that will leave you thinking long after you’ve finished reading it. Two people, israel mckenzie, “why do bad things happen to good people?”as maggie tries to help israel repair the scattered pieces of his broken past, filled with long-held and covered-up secrets, and the other, Maggie Stinson, cross paths and find themselves on opposite sides of the question, one, who is “retiring from life” because he is dying, who is about to retire from her job as a hospice social worker, she finds herself having to face her own long-buried demons.

Toby: A Novel

Lake Union Publishing - Together, they face their fears and lost trust head-on. But when violence strikes at the hands of her possessive boyfriend, Symphony’s trust is shattered once again. Just when symphony’s faith in humanity seems lost, Toby is injured in the woods, and she has no choice but to reach out to Caleb for help.

Her formerly chaotic life seems to be settling down, until a peaceful walk in the woods leads Symphony and Toby to the reclusive cabin of Caleb Showalter, who knows more about her past than he’s telling. When an old friend resurfaces and expresses his affection, Symphony warily longs for love, and it is Toby that nudges her toward pursuing a reconnection.

Toby: A Novel - Symphony nelson has weathered more than her share of hardships—in part thanks to the faithfulness and affection of her adopted puppy, Toby. If they can save toby, they might be able to let go of the past and to believe in the goodness of others—and themselves—once again.

Navigating the Passages of Marriage

David Johnson - Biblical references and examples are shared when appropriate. David johnson has a Master's Degree in Social Work. He served as the clinical director at the christian Counseling Center of Western Kentucky, Treatment Director at Spirit Lake Recovery and presently is a counselor at the McKenzie Medical Center.

He has conducted numerous marriage retreats and workshops. He is licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist and a Master Social Worker. There are suggestions that will enhance even the most harmonious relationships. Complicated issues like infidelity, making amends, having a servant attitude, pornography, gender differences, a critical tongue, communication, pride, and forgiveness are presented in a spirit of hopefulness with tips that can quickly and easily be put into practice.

Navigating the Passages of Marriage - The language is straight forward and easy to understand. Every marriage hits rough spots and even the best of marriages has room for improvement. Navigating the passages of marriage” provides practical tips that will assist couples in getting safely through those times when the waters are choppy. It is sprinkled with humor as well.

Real life examples are given, in the form of vignettes and personal experiences that will resonate with readers. And has done interviews for both radio and television. David has been married for thirty nine years and has two daughters and six grandchildren.

The Woodcutter's Wife

Kindle Press - But fate throws her another dramatic curve, forcing her to make the most difficult choice of her life. The one thing she cannot seem to handle is the melancholy that has enveloped her. Set against the backdrop of the Civil War comes a tale of love lost and found. Mary thomson is no ordinary woman. David johnson, author of the bestselling Tucker Series, has written another of his signature “Books with Heart.

". And she prefers plowing a field to cooking a meal. Using her fierce independent spirit to cope as the war rages around her, she finds help in the form of a freed slave who offers his help. She works alongside her husband William cutting firewood to sell in the city, earning the nickname “The Woodcutter’s Wife.

The Woodcutter's Wife - She kills a bear with her bare hands. Mary lost four children before they were a year old, and the doctor says she will never be able to conceive aga. Mary’s world flies apart when William disappears, leaving her with the arduous task of tending their farm by herself.

Who Will Hear Me When I Cry The Tucker Series Book 5

- This family’s nomadic life brings them to the house that Ella used to live in beside Tucker. He provides the majority of care for his younger siblings and for his mother who is sick with cancer. In the final chapter of the tucker series, David Johnson introduces us to a new family – a family in need of the kind of help that only Tucker and her family can give.

Benjamin trevathan, and a speech impediment, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, is a boy saddled with adult responsibilities in the midst of his dysfunctional home. His stepfather stays gone for days and weeks on drinking binges, only to come home to take out his anger and frustration on his family. Tucker sets her sites on the evil stepfather, who has returned home with her own complications to live with Tucker, while April, identifies with Benjamin’s struggles with being teased and bullied and decides she can help save him from self-destructing.

Who Will Hear Me When I Cry The Tucker Series Book 5 - This is a story of simple people engaged in heroic acts, the kinds of acts that change people’s lives.

April's Rain Tucker Book 3

Lake Union Publishing - When april accidentally kills her boyfriend while defending herself from his attack, Judge Jack helps Tucker ferry her granddaughter away to Spirit Lake, a remote treatment facility in the mountains of eastern Tennessee. There, april creates a false identity, painting herself as a young socialite, and blocks Tucker’s attempts at communication.

Tucker’s grandson march, is discovered half-dead, missing for eight years, having lost both his sight and his memories. Eight years after losing her closest friend, Tucker struggles to keep her rebellious, self-destructive granddaughter under control. As he recovers, march’s blindness persists but fragments of his life reemerge.

April's Rain Tucker Book 3 - When he finds himself at Spirit Lake, he runs headlong into his past. Will tucker be able to reunite her family after their paths have splintered? Revised edition: This edition of April’s Rain includes editorial revisions.

March On Tucker Book 4

Lake Union Publishing - An old nemesis comes looking for him and, frustrated in his search, takes Tucker hostage. In the fourth book of the tucker series, Tucker’s grandson March is at a crossroads as he tries to reconcile his troubled past with his hopeful future. Debbie has given march her heart completely, and though he loves her desperately, he struggles to fully commit to her.

Meanwhile, it seems as if evil is stalking March’s family. March’s sister, is also in peril after her workplace crush turns ugly and she unwittingly finds herself in harm’s way, April, becoming the victim of an unspeakable crime. Can march rescue tucker, help april, and finally put his past to rest, so he and Debbie can find the happiness they both deserve?Revised edition: This edition of March On includes editorial revisions.

An Unexpected Frost Tucker Book 2

Lake Union Publishing - How can tucker find her faith during a time when God has never seemed farther away?Revised edition: This edition of An Unexpected Frost includes editorial revisions. Despite their different backgrounds, together with their good friend Smiley Carter, Tucker and Ella share a deep affection and, they support one another and care for Tucker’s three troubled grandchildren.

As tucker’s bonds with ella and Smiley deepen, Tucker’s grandson disappears and the bank threatens to foreclose on her farm. In the second installment of the gripping Tucker’s Way series, Tucker faces the biggest crisis of her life. Tucker has finally overcome a lifelong fear of trusting others and let her kind neighbor, Ella, into her heart.

An Unexpected Frost Tucker Book 2 - Then the worst happens—Ella is diagnosed with lung cancer.