Wrath Faith McMann Trilogy Book 3

Thomas & Mercer - Now she has become furious, a merciless avenger on a deadly mission to retrieve her young son and daughter, no matter the cost. Aided by unlikely but steadfast allies, the giant Beast and fragile Rage, Faith plunges ever deeper into a sickening underworld of sexual exploitation and slavery with steel-forged determination and righteous anger.

In this powerful, faith is haunted by questions: even if her children are recovered, suspenseful conclusion to the Faith McMann trilogy, will they be broken beyond repair? What terrible sacrifices will their rescue require? What are the limits of loyalty and love in a world that preys on innocents? And after her brutal awakening to the darkest aspects of human nature, what will remain of her own self? .

Wrath Faith McMann Trilogy Book 3 - The follow-up to the Wall Street Journal bestseller Outrage. Those who hunt monsters must be careful not to become monsters themselves. In another life, before human traffickers murdered her husband and stole her children, Faith McMann was a wife, mother, and teacher.

Outrage Faith McMann Trilogy Book 2

Thomas & Mercer - After paralyzing grief, and despair, fear, there was nothing left for her to feel…except fury. And she’s forged an unbreakable bond with two no-holds-barred allies in the war against evil. They’ve also made her and the rest of her family the targets of a sadistic crime boss. But striking a staggering blow against a brutal ring of human traffickers was just the beginning of her uphill battle.

Though her daughter remains missing and her son is lost in the wilderness, Faith’s relentless efforts have reunited some children with their families. A wall street Journal bestseller. The happy life faith mcmann knew as a wife, and teacher was destroyed when vicious criminals murdered her husband, mother, kidnapped her children, and left her for dead.

Outrage Faith McMann Trilogy Book 2 - But faith has learned plenty about survival in the lawless underworld she’s storming. As they dodge assassins and take down predators, Faith travels deeper into the heart of darkness, determined to rescue her children at any cost.

Furious Faith McMann Trilogy Book 1

Thomas & Mercer - With her family and newfound allies at her side, Faith descends into the hellish underworld of human trafficking, determined to make those who prey on the innocent pray for mercy. The forces she’s up against have already proven that their ruthlessness knows no bounds. Although the intruders leave her for dead, she survives.

Until her anguish turns to anger…and she trades victimhood for vengeance. Frustrated with the law’s efforts, she takes action to rescue her children—and wreaks havoc on the brutal criminals who tore them from her. Faith mcmann comes home to a nightmare: her husband is killed and her son and daughter are taken.

Furious Faith McMann Trilogy Book 1 - Crippling grief and fear for her children make life unbearable. And there’s nothing they won’t do to turn Faith’s crusade into a suicide mission. But they’re about to learn that nothing is more dangerous than a mother fighting for her children—especially one who’s earned the nickname Furious.

Evil Never Dies Lizzy Gardner Book 6

Thomas & Mercer - This ritualistic serial killer is dropping corpses and cryptic clues at a shocking rate—and he’s growing bolder and bloodier the longer he’s at large. In the suspenseful finale to the Lizzy Gardner series, bestselling author T. R. Ragan’s gutsy heroine lashes out against the relentless onslaught of evil as she desperately fights to hang on to her own humanity.

. But she may be lethally outmatched by a new criminal, a murderer the papers have dubbed the Sacramento Strangler. Lizzy gardner is a one-million copy bestselling series. Private investigator Lizzy Gardner believed in law and order once. But after losing a loved one to a killer and watching too many vicious predators game the system and walk free, she’s traded flawed justice for perfect vengeance.

Evil Never Dies Lizzy Gardner Book 6 - Together with her tough and trusted assistants, Lizzy is tracking down a list of Sacramento’s worst offenders and dealing out the payback they deserve.

Almost Dead Lizzy Gardner Book 5

Thomas & Mercer - While they appear to be unrelated accidents at first glance, a closer look shows they all have something in common. It’s been three weeks since her fiancé, Jared, was shot on what was supposed to be their wedding day. Lizzy gardner is a one-million copy bestselling series. Life for private investigator Lizzy Gardner will never be the same.

Ragan, lizzy will need her colleagues and what’s left of her wits to help her track down a cunning killer with a deadly revenge list before the next name—maybe hers—is crossed off for good. More than a decade earlier, the victims were all members of the Ambassador Club at a Sacramento high school: a posh posse that bullied other students, one of whom remains tormented years later.

Almost Dead Lizzy Gardner Book 5 - In this pulse-pounding thriller from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author T. R. He’s in a coma now, and lizzy is being forced to make a decision she might not be able to live with. But a string of deaths has forced her to get back to work.

Deadly Recall Jessie Cole Book 2

Thomas & Mercer - Looking for a missing girl, she finds something even darker…as New York Times bestselling author T. R. The man blames shepard for his child’s death and plans to make the CEO know what it’s like to live with a broken heart—and watch others die. After killing two employees, the desperate father kidnaps Shepard’s daughter.

Ragan’s gripping series continues. When you search for the missing, there’s no telling what you’ll find. And each discovery is leading Jessie and him down a frightening road. Pi jessie cole learned that painful truth firsthand when her sister disappeared. Tasked with finding her, Jessie and crime reporter Ben Morrison are running out of time to save her.

Deadly Recall Jessie Cole Book 2 - Meanwhile, ben is still seeking insight into the man he used to be before a car crash erased his memories. What they find could scar both of them forever. Now a new case will test Jessie and Ben once again. Owen shepard, the public face of one of the country’s biggest health insurance companies, has become the target of a vengeful father.

Obsessed Lizzy Gardner Series, Book 4

Thomas & Mercer - He’s obsessed. Nothing is going to stop him. Madeline wanted a stalker and now she has one. Lizzy knows her way around a murderer’s mind, after surviving her own horrifying ordeal at the hands of a serial killer years ago. As lizzy closes in, Seth Brown is undeterred. Lizzy gardner is a one-million copy bestselling series.

Desperate for better ratings, unaware that her long-time listener and biggest fan, Seth Brown, radio psychologist Madeline Blair tells her listeners she’s being stalked, will do anything to protect her. When her publicity stunt is revealed, Seth becomes enraged by her deceit and dangerously unhinged.

Obsessed Lizzy Gardner Series, Book 4 - When her friends mysteriously begin to vanish and damning evidence points to Madeline, she turns to private investigator Lizzy Gardner for help.

Deranged Jessie Cole Book 3

Thomas & Mercer - Because there are more secrets to Ben’s past, than she—or even Ben—ever imagined. They bear the trademark wounds of an elusive serial killer who’s now leading Jessie down a chilling path—one that’s about to put a dangerous twist in the search for Ben’s identity. To discover the truth, Jessie must put more at risk than she ever feared.

Family man or deranged killer? It’s for fearless PI Jessie Cole to find out. But few who remember Ben’s troubled childhood want to talk. With the help of pI Jessie Cole, he’s getting closer. And those who do—including his father, imprisoned for a shocking crime—are stirring disturbing memories given up for dead.

Deranged Jessie Cole Book 3 - Then jessie is sidetracked by a surveillance request from a suspicious husband. An ordinary case, until the cheating wife and lover are found murdered. At any cost. Ever since a car accident left reporter Ben Morrison with amnesia, he’s been trying to rebuild a future as he puts together the pieces of his past.

A Dark Mind Lizzy Gardner Series, Book 3

Thomas & Mercer - She never imagines he could be two steps ahead, watching her every move and plotting his bloodiest, most triumphant conquest of all. The ordeal rekindles disturbing memories for private investigator Lizzy Gardner, who barely escaped a serial killer’s clutches only years ago. Lizzy gardner is a one-million copy bestselling series.

A serial killer is terrorizing Sacramento, preying on happily married couples and unleashing unspeakable cruelties upon his victims. But while most sacramento residents are hiding in the shadows, paralyzed by fear, Lizzy is compelled to go after the Lovebird Killer. So it’s no surprise that, she welcomes the chase, when a routine workers’ compensation case suddenly leads her and her two young assistants onto the killer’s trail, determined to bring him to justice before he can claim another victim.

Dead Weight Lizzy Gardner Series, Book 2

Thomas & Mercer - As a teenager, she was terrorized by a serial killer, an ordeal that haunted her for more than a decade before the maniac was finally stopped. So when terminally ill ruth fullerton begs Lizzy to reopen the cold case into her daughter’s disappearance, it’s hard to say no. Diane was obese, lizzy is also trying to manage her two teenage assistants, but could her obsession with losing weight have led to her disappearance?As if two active missing persons cases weren’t enough, including one as wounded and haunted by her past as Lizzy.

Fast-paced and deftly plotted, this impressive follow-up to the best-selling Abducted finds Sacramento PI Lizzy Gardner in over her head—but more determined than ever to help those no one else will. More than twenty years have passed since Carol Fullerton vanished, abandoning her car by the side of a California freeway.

Dead Weight Lizzy Gardner Series, Book 2 - Lizzy gardner is a one-million copy bestselling series. Private investigator Lizzy Gardner knows a thing or two about living in the past. The police wrote her off as a runaway, yet something tells Lizzy the truth isn’t so simple…Carol’s cold case has barely begun to thaw when Andrea Kramer shows up at Lizzy’s door.

Andrea’s sister, has been missing for months, Diane, and she’s convinced a charismatic weight-loss guru—part Tony Robbins and part Richard Simmons—is responsible.

Her Last Day Jessie Cole Book 1

Thomas & Mercer - An elusive serial murderer known as the Heartless Killer has reemerged from the shadows. But left alone to raise Sophie’s daughter, she realizes that solving the case has become an unhealthy obsession. For ben, a horrific car accident resulted in scars both physical and emotional—and amnesia that has made his life a mystery.

Ragan. Robert bryndza, #1 international bestselling author of the Girl in the Ice Ten years ago, PI Jessie Cole and reporter Ben Morrison each suffered a tragedy that changed their lives—and now these two strangers are about to share a nightmare. For jessie, no case has consumed her more than the disappearance of her younger sister, who makes her living finding missing persons, Sophie.

Her Last Day Jessie Cole Book 1 - His next move will cut even deeper into Jessie’s worst fears. But curiously, out of his shattered memories, there’s one person he recognizes without a doubt: Jessie’s sister. Yet. But sophie isn’t the only phantom drawing Jessie and Ben together. He just doesn’t know why. And for ben, what happens this time is going to be unforgettable.

With action-packed twists and turns and a pace that doesn’t let up until the thrilling conclusion, Her Last Day is a brilliant start to a gripping new series from T. R.